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pimp juiCy (juicy1) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 18:22:00
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    Current mood: full
    Current music:gangsta girl ` big tymerz + r.kelly

    things change.
    wassup? well today was coo, but ima start with yesterday. well i had talked to my baby the night before and he asked me to come over the next day so when my mom came home i asked her. she said that i could so yesterday i woke up and got ready and waited for my mom to get back from the nail shop so that i could leave. she was finally ready and i took her to work and then drove out to the city. i called like 5 times on the way over and nobody picked up so i was worried he wasn`t there. ;\ well i got there and his brother teddy answered the phone and i went in and paul was knocked out on the couch. so i kicked him and then sat on him and he woke up n just started hella smilin. it was sOo fukkin cute! then he got up n went to take a shower n get all fresh n then we was just chillin with each other. then i asked him if we could smoke n he was like yea so we went downstairs to get the blunt n then i started goin through his phone. thats when it happened and i found nene`z phone number in his phone! omg i was so fukkin mad. but it sorta started out as a game. i was just goin through his phone askin who was who and i landed on it. then i was runnin around the house tryna keep his phone from him and get her number out of it but when i called the number it was disconnected. so we got in a big ass fight! i was like look, `if u wanna fuck with her then let me know, but don`t do the shit behind my back, because if i wanna fuck with another nigga ima let u know.`' n then i started cryin a lil bit. so we kept fightin and then i was like '`fuck it i`m outta here!'` then i got in the car and i drove off!! he was all '`BRITTANY COME BACK!!`' but i drove off. lol but then i just turned down the next block and came back and he was still standin outside.. but he had the house phone in his hand tryna call me. but then i went in and was like, '`oh i didn`t come back for you i just want ur weed.'` and then we argued a little bit more and then finally stopped. then we went upstairs and he gave me this ring and asked me to marry him! ;] and we were talkin and he told me, '`brittany i love you more than everybody in my house, put together!`' omg i almost died. and i swear at one point he looked like he was gonna cry. sOo fukkin precious!! then after that we went on a knock ass mission tryna find a lighter. we went to the block and nobody there even had one! i couldn`t believe it. so we left and then we seen gotti and some other guy. and his friend had one so we used it and then went down ta mcdonaldz. we smoked in the car n then gotti n them came to the car and i was hella loaded. but i didn`t wanna get out the car cuz i didn`t want anybody ta see my butt. ;\ and then i finally did and we ate on the block. then after that they was all chillin and i stayed in the car. then gotti was like, '`why u not gonna blaze with us?'` and i said i didn`t wanna get out so they hopped in. and we blazed another one. after that me n p left and went ta find coleone n lee. and then we seen them and pulled over and we smoked again. then we took coleone ta the store and then took him to his house. me n p went back ta his spot and chilled a minute till i had ta leave then i took him back ta oakland n went on ta pick up my mom. but yea, i had a good day! ;] oOh yea and we talked about suttin important that we gotta do! oOoh boy!!

    ++ well yea i gotta new layout. i like tha song n its tha truth so yea.

    ++ umm my moms friendz daughter wants ta start her own daycare business. but she don`t like lil kids, and i love them. so she called to see if i wanna take classes with her, that you gotta take to run one. so hopefully ima do that, cuz thats what i wanna do anyways. i guess thats it so

    [the end] i <33 p 637 !!

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