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pimp juiCy (juicy1) wrote,
@ 2003-11-03 16:31:00
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    Current mood: infuriated
    Current music:the fuCkin tv

    oh hell nOo!!
    my family is wack as fuck! im sO fuckin mad i don`t even know what ta do with myself!

    first.. my momz `'mad`' at me. shez a grown woman. u would think that if anybody in my household would know that she would know you don`t leave ur family members mad at them. shez gonna get ready for work and go tell my brother goodbye.. but since she`s mad at me she don`t bother to tell me anything. that doesn`t even really make me mad. it just hurtz my feelingz that she would be like that because as much of a bitch as i am i ALWAYS tell my mom that i love her and tell her bye.. even if we are fighting.. because u never know what might happen.

    then my momz gonna leave and call me a few hours later bitchin because she wants ta know what ima do with myself.. blah blah blah. she can`t call n just be cool its always an argument, which i don`t understand because if i was at work i would be trying to NOT think about negative things.

    then she had the audacity ta call me.. soundin hella nice talkin bout.. '`what are u doing? travis is down the hill with a big box and he can`t make it up the hill can u go help him?'` so i`m tryna be nice and i`m like yea.. even tho the lazy ass could drag the shit up .. OR even better yet... wait untill tomorrow.. when there is actually a CAR here and he could just get it drivin up here!! but no i`m nice about it and go down there. the dumb ass ain`t even there.. so now im cold as fuck.. mad and waitin. so i call her and shes like hes still at the skool. so he finally comes walkin up. with this little ass box that i could carry under my fuckin arm. so i truck the shit up the fuckin big ass steep ass hill and slam the shit on the ground cuz im like why the fuck am i doin this shit for his lazy ass. so i get home and call my mom n let her know how i feel and now i just had ta come online and get this shit off my chest! im soo irratated. and PLUS i still can`t reach paul .. and i think christian is in a meeting with his counselor cuz he ain`t called yet and he was `posed to at 4:oO.. AND i can`t talk to tedi cuz she`s workin.. i have to stay in this fucking house all day!! ANDDDDDDDD i think ima start my period soon cuz its bout time to.. and i don`t wanna be on that shit on friday.. i know i ain`t gonna do nuthin but still that shit ain`t cute!! im out!!

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