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pimp juiCy (juicy1) wrote,
@ 2003-10-29 22:36:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:nada

    `' my day..
    Wassup` today was aight. I woke up n chilled with my mom n brother for a minute, then i went in called my babyboy! ;] we was talkin for a minute but he had ta get dressed ta go to the studio so we got off tha phone. I love him soo much! Then after that my mom came in my room and she had me take her to work so that i could go to my lil brothers football game. i went to that around 1:3o but his team didn`t win. ;[ but they played good so it was koo. then after that i came home and just chilled for a minute. my brother came home and i took him ta get sumthin ta eat then i came back home n watched 106 + park and made brownies. thenn i called david [ta see if he was with his cuzin] he was but he was also with his "chick" so we talked for a minute then got off. then i called my baby again ta see what was up with him and we talked for a minute but his boy just got back ta cali from tha east coast so they was chillin so i let him off tha phone ta do his thang. so i was just chillin watchin tv n shit. there`s some freaky ass shit on lifetime and on unsolved mysteries.. oOo spOoky!! but then i was just watchin this movie and i wanted ta talk ta chrisitan so i sent him a text message sayin... `'u should call me sometime. it`s brittany..'` and it worked! lol he called me back.. but i was like '`omg u wasn`t supposed ta call me back sooo soon..'` but we was choppin it up for a minute.. he know i gotta man n all so he`s bein coo. he asked if he could come over.. like whOa. but at least now i`ll have 2 friends on tha island. maybe we`ll kick it if paul don`t want to on halloween.. but i ain`t stressin ..we`ll see wassup. tomorrow i`m posed ta go to the city n spend the nite with my baby.. he better call me back n make plans.. but rite now i gotta go get my mom from work.. hOlla frOnt!

    i love paul forever and a day

    note to those that read this: don`t get it twisted.. i wouldn`t cheat on my bf.. i just think that christian is fine and i don`t see no problem with havin fine friendz.. ;] tOodlez!

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