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Krista (jtsgurl) wrote,
@ 2004-04-06 21:28:00
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    My 1st entry
    Hey..none of u who read this really need 2 know much about me, if ya wanna kno sumthin, ask me!..neways, to the real reason why I made a journal. right now, I'm dealing with so many problems with my family and if I write it down, maybe...just maybe it'll help me get through it. my step-mom who has been my mom since I was 3 is probabaly gonna leave my dad. my step-brother has been living w/ us for about a yr now b/c he is having trouble getting back on his feet after his divorce (he's 30 something) and my dad hates him. my dad hasn't showed ne of his emotions until just recently. he makes small comments about him to my mother and this hurts her emotionally b/c he is her son and it's hard. I don't kno wat to do, the only thing that has been keeping me going is my boyfriend, JT. he is the only source of happiness I have, whenever I talk to him, things seem fine and then I have to go and talk to my family and then all of it goes away. I'm gonna have my step-mom adopt me, so if she decides to leave my dad, I'll b able 2 stay with her. my dad isn't stable enough to take care of a 16 yr old grl and I only have this yr to finish and then my senior yr next yr so I don't really want to move, plus I want to be able to be with JT...b/c without him, I know I won't b able 2 make it. I try 2 be strong for everyone but sometimes the pain is too hard to handle...I feel hopeless and's a horrible feeling. b/c on one hand, my dad is my true dad but on the other, my step-mom has always been there for me, even when my dad gave up hope and didn't care, she was there and I kno she will alway be yeah...well, I'm gonna go and work on my paper due 2marrow..I may write more, I don't kno yet. Night
    ~ Krista ~

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