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Matt (jr1447) wrote,
@ 2004-06-18 08:58:00
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    Current mood: chipper

    Class of 2004
    well i graduate in a little more then 7 hours from high school. Its kinda scary but im glad its over with, i wanna put all that high school drama behind me and move on to better things. my mom sorta made me a "care package" for graduating. it had some new shorts, a card, a package of beaters, for some reason Ritz Chips idk why, i bought a pack like 3 weeks ago bc i just felt like trying them but o well, a pack of fruit breezers wich i havent had in a long time and also a mug that says "class of 2004" wich i will get some use out of.o yeah how could i forget. she also framed one of the pictures she took of me and alisha from prom and it looks really nice and its on my desk now. it looks really good... the only bad thing about the picture is that both me and alisha are squinting bc the sun was in our eyes. now that i look at it i look like a shmuck and alisha looks great lol o well i think its my hair o well. well i guess i should shower and pick up my check before 12 so this is the end of this entry

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