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Matt (jr1447) wrote,
@ 2004-06-13 22:11:00
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    Current mood: crushed

    Why..... every time i think about all this it hurts... and its no-ones fault but mine. and theres no-one i can talk to about this they will not understand... hell i dont even know why im feeling this stong about this. i know some ppl will read this and wounder what im talking about, you can all go fuck youselfs bc i doubt im even gonna tell anyone. this is just something that i need to deal with myself. all i can say is... i love you alisha and thats not gonna change lol. idk what i want right now, well i do but its not in the cards right now. im upset and the lowest ive been in a while.... and i shouldnt be and idk why. after all that fucking drama friday night that im not even gonna get into bc theres no need to relive it. i had the best weekend with alisha. it was perfect to say the least. its really getting to me that we cant be together bc of the distance.... it really hurts but i know that its whats right for both of us. she is the only one that has made me feel this way and that wont change but right now idk what i want to do. alisha if you read this dont think any of this is your fault lol bc none of it is, ist just some things that im dealing with, i love ya and be happy :-P. Its best not to do anything right now.... get through my last days of school and about racing and vent and idk. but this is no-ones problem but mine that i have to deal with. to start idk where to go now. theres so much i wanna say in here but im not gonna bc people that read this will take it worng or i just may sound bad and make things worce... idk thats it

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