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Maria (joystreet136) wrote,
@ 2003-09-27 00:25:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:Reno 911 is on tv

    no real urge to write right now
    Out of all the girls I don't think are hot, I think Natalie Portman is the hottest. She's very pretty. She was on tv washing a dog or something.
    Wow, I must really have nothing to write about.
    Lech pissed me off tonight by doing something he does all the time. That thing is acting like a complete asshole for an extended period of time. If he gets irritated enough and has nowhere to put all of the frustration, what he does is go on as often as he can with "go away... I don't like you because you're an idiot." And he doesn't mean that, he doesn't mean what he says literally, but the venom in his words are a bit irritating. It's not a good joke. He thinks it's funny. It's not. In fact he told me he doesn't really think it is.
    He was doing that tonight after we were all drinking and pigging out and watching radiohead videos and dark animation, completely ruining the mood. It really gets unnerving because it's so, so annoying. He kept saying "I want you to leave because you're an idiot... get out of here... go on, go..." and he didn't really mean it he told me later, but fuck it, because he didn't stop me when I actually left.
    I saw him standing at the door when Sara (his sister) was trying to get me to stay.
    A) I was he shouldn't have let me leave (even though I'm an amazing driver)
    B) He was pissing me off.
    C) I did absolutely nothing to get him agitated in the first place. It just comes out of nowhere.
    When I got home, I called his house because Sara asked me to, so she'd know I was ok. Lech answered and with his pitiful as usual voice told me he didn't want me to go, he didn't mean what he said, he was wrong... all the sorry ass things he tells me after I'm already so angry at him. He was being an ass while I was there, ruining a perfectly good time (I haven't hung out with Sara in a long while) and kept telling me to leave. So I left...then he tells me he didn't want me to. I told him he's full of shit and he's "a fucking hurtful person". I hung up after that.
    I hope he can't sleep tonight. I hope he cries in his bed to the point where he gets up, goes to his car, and drives to my house to apologize, just so I get to ignore him.
    No one knows this side of him. It seems like a harmless joke if he ever does it in front of people, but he does it ALL THE FUCKING TIME and I don't need it.
    I love the fact that I came home before 11 on a friday night. Love it. Fucking bastard.

    Hmm, guess there was a reason for me to write. (yeah because I really didn't know that)


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