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Maria (joystreet136) wrote,
@ 2003-09-24 11:20:00
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    Current music:A groovy kind of love

    Jeremy's back!!!!!
    Jen just came into work and told me that Jeremy Gaskill is back home. He got out of the Air Force...surprise surprise.... and now someone cool is back in south jersey! This makes me very, very happy.
    Jen told me all about last night. How she saw him at a party at Scanlon's house... how she drank lots of beer at Scanlon's house... how she threw up at Scanlon's, etc, the usual Jen story.
    She walked into the bank, the place where I work, and said "I was bad last night."
    I really can't tell you how many time's I've heard her say that, but aye, she was right.

    Jen + Liquor + People from High School = A Bad Idea.

    Well, she got lucky actually. And I envy her. But I still love her.

    -Never start a sentence with "and" or "but".-

    Agh! Im so happy to know Jeremy's back. He was one of the few FEW people in high school that I had any respect for at all. And we never really hung out or anything. We just had this mutual appreciation thing going on. I loved how realistic he was. No bullshit. I wanted to let him in on The UnderGound but we had to stop it.

    The Underground, by the way, was a newsletter that Alaina, Julia and myself coordinated along with the occaisional help of a few others. It was pretty cool, I still think. Jen still has a couple issues, as do I. She was one of our selected "Persons of the Issue". That was when we'd put someone's name in the issue and dare them to email us their address and we'd mail them a letter, signed by all the writers for t.U.g.
    I was Dennis, a beatnik. I spat out groovy somethin. It was fun.

    Anywah. This is good, because now there are three people I can stand in my area now.
    Speaking of people I could stand, I haven't really heard from Nick or Jesse. I wonder sometimes how they're doing. I wonder if they've changed. Eeks, new subject.

    I'm sending Alaina her wedding present finally. After about a month of her already being married. I'm sending her a $50.00 gift check, and Radiohead's new album, Hail to the Thief. If I'm right, she's been listening to nothing but progressive rock for the past few years.
    Think about that for a minute.
    Progressive rock.
    This will be a much needed gift. Her hubby is a GOP republican pro-Bush and everything he does type person... so it will be fun for him to listen to.... he'll probably break the cd. bastard.

    Ok, that is all.

    wishes of what you deserve


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