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johnny clue (johnathanxd) wrote,
@ 2006-07-19 22:45:00
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    Current mood: content

    ex lover in canada
    i find it to be an interesting coincedence that i spend this morning thinking about past loves and relationships and then, i just happen to run into an ex lover today... in canada. he took my breath away like the first time we met. his beautiful green eyes still enough to make a person weak in the knees. he dropped the bags he was carrying and wrapped his arms around my chest and pulled me into him. the smell of him was intoxicating. he kept his arms locked around me and looked up at me, asked me how i was and what i was doing. we talked.. his body close to mine. i feared he would hear how hard my heart was pounding. my god, he is so beautiful. i bit my lip with the thoughts of the past, he asked me what i was thinking about...

    i helped him carry his bags to his apartment and we caught up with one another. sitting on his couch, his body still close to mine, he grabbed the middle of my shirt and pulled me too him. his kiss was hard but passionate. just like him, tough as nails but he had more passion then anyone i knew. he pulled me on top of him, bending his knees around my waist.. we layed there, kissing one another, his fingers in my hair and my hands on his hips.

    our clothes came off as we went into his bedroom. we made love to one another in the glow of the sun as it peered in through the window. his skin kissed with sweat, he was beautiful... even more so when he came for me a fourth and final time. i kissed his neck, layed next to him and he wrapped his arm around me and fell asleep on my chest. i watched him, the way his body moved when he breathed. i missed him.

    i left him there, sleeping. i wrote him a long letter and left it on the pillow where i layed. i got dressed, kissed his forehead, the side of his lips and whispered goodbye to him....

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