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nightrida (jo_rida) wrote,
@ 2003-05-12 17:11:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Avril Lavigne - Let Go.

    Warning: this entry may be boring to most! About my past weekend in Zimbabwe.
    I still have no name for my journal, so i guess it shall remain nameless. hmm...I guess I better tell you about my weekend. Well, I left on friday morning and returned home on Sunday afternoon. It's a 8 hour drive each way from Gaborone to Bulowayo. It was really tiring. I hate the actual journey, cause it's soo boring. Anyway, arriving in Bulowayo was different to every other time we had travelled there. This time I noticed a lot more local people riding bicycles and walking everywhere, instead of driving or using public transport. The reason for this: no fuel. The government does not have enough money to buy fuel, and when there is fuel, you have to wait in lines that trail around the entire block for hours. My grandparents are looking older...but I reckon this is because they are so stressed and depressed. There is just so much to say about Zimbabwe that i am just going to put it in point form.

    > Basic food supplies like bread, flour, sugar, maize, milk, etc...are not available most of the time.
    > Fresh produce is unavailable because the farms have all been taken over by so called, 'war veterans' and they know fuck all about growning crops.
    > All tabacco farms that were a vital sector of Zimbabwe's exports, have all been destroyed.
    > Human rights are been violated beyond comprehension.
    > The president, Robert Mugabe blames the white people for the problems their country is facing now.
    > He has robbed the country of billions and billions of U.S. dollars.
    > He is accountable for dozens of murders.
    > The general elections which took place last year, were illegitamate. However, the only country that recognized the elections as legitamate was South Africa. and since South Africa was the designated country monitoring the elections, the U.N. excepted their decision.
    > The black market is the only source of foreign exchange.

    Ok, those are the only factors that come to mind at the moment, but there are tons more. Anyway, the weekend was pretty much surrounded by fear of been hi-jacked again, fear of riots and violent outburts on the streets. The situation there depresses me and upsets me so much because I know what it used to be like. It used to be such a great country. I was born there, so it's a country that is pretty close to me. It's hard watching my family suffer over there, but not just my family....the people of zimbabwe too.

    And now i'm back home, and kinda bored now. I didn't do much today. The weather was so weird today. It's the first day it's actually been cold. It didn't build up or anything, it just changed from hot to cold. like that.

    Anyway, this was pretty boring for me to write, i can only imagine how boring it must have been trying to read it. haha. so I'm gonna end off now.
    Have a nice day. -Jo.

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