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nightrida (jo_rida) wrote,
@ 2003-05-09 03:30:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Matchbox 20 - Unwell.

    love the late hours....*yawns*
    Hey, errr...u....i gotta give my journal a name or something. I don't know who actually reads my journal, but i gotta address someone when i write in it...just to make it feel more personal i guess. Well, i can't come up with a name now....if you think of anything good, just holla. leave a comment. haha...

    OK! WOW!.....I had a busy day. My back hurts like a muuuuhh!! Woke up at noon, so that portion of the day was wasted......yeah, i's disgusting. Anyway, I met my friend Joanna Hope for lunch today. Yes, i know...Joanna Hope...u're probably thinking of the "gimme hope joanna" song. We went to this Italian was amazing! Then i had a few things to do for my mom so that took up most of my afternoon. When i got home i had to sort out my music and pack for my trip. Yeah, I'm going to Zimbabwe tomorrow morning with my parents and my brother. We're just going for the weekend to visit family. I'll be back on Sunday night.'s an 8 hour drive there from here! I'm gonna sleep the whole way. Anway, i was preparing my music cause I DJed tonight at Sports Cafe. My friend Michelle came over, then joined my family and myself for dinner at this seafood resturant. Then from there we bounced off to Lizard Lounge where John was DJing. His set was pretty cool. Then we all hopped from there to Sports, where i was playing. I didn't play for long. The manager's don't approve of me playing hip hop.....don't ask why! I know, it's pathetic. But they are true white boys...true Jo'burg white boys. Only like their rave and bullshit like that. Oh well...dirt in their eyes! hehehe.... I played pretty well. Some interesting news...I found out from another DJ that i am the ONLY female DJ in Botswana! It sure as hell surprised me. But that's great! No competition! haha, just kidding. BRING IT LADIES!! BRING IT!! hahahaha....
    ok, now it's another late night. And i haven't got much else to say. I guess final words and thoughts are: I'm excited about seeing my family this's been something like, 7 months since the last time i saw them. Which means it's been 7 months since i've been to i gotta prepare myself for the even more devastating reality that awaits me this weekend. Life there is tough. Oh yeah, I had a short discussion about Zimbabwe with Sabari just minutes ago...and this part just cracked me up!

    safari611: i didnt know it was that bad
    blazed beyond: yeah..........bob has got to go. maybe i should talk to him or something. i can be pretty convincing at times. :-) hehehe....
    safari611: bo?
    safari611: bob?
    blazed beyond: robert....rob...bob
    blazed beyond: u get it now
    blazed beyond: :-)
    safari611: robert?
    blazed beyond: if u still don't get it.....robert....robert mugabe.....president of zimbabwe.
    safari611: hahahahahhahahhhaha
    safari611: hahahahhahahahha
    blazed beyond: wow....u actually didn't get it
    safari611: shaddap!!
    blazed beyond: that is too funny!

    Anyway....i betta get some dreamtime in. For y'all heading on home for your summer, have a safe trip!
    Peace! -J.

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