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nightrida (jo_rida) wrote,
@ 2003-11-01 03:22:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Junior Jack - E Samba (a wicked song!!)

    I'm the Bacardi Bat...for real!
    Happy Halloween! Hope your day and night is as freaky as can be. My day was loooong. I woke up at 6 fucking AM today to drive to damn Ramotswa. Which turned out to be a waste of time anyway. Anyway i chilled with David most of the morning then i went to Riverwalk and met my mom for coffee. Saw more unfriendly greek people we know. ah, i don't get them....they saw me and started talking about me in though i don't understand or something! hello! i understand! ah, freaking retards. So yeah, then picked up Chris from school and came home and slept for 4 hours!! four damn hours!! i never sleep during the day, especially not for four hours! haha...yeah, anyway... then this evening i took my mom to the I.B. art exhibition...the one i was helping set up the other day. My mom was really impressed with what she saw. THen i took her home, and i went to Phakalane to Danielle's place. Muneer, Meegan, Sian, Ahmed and i were just chillin there...u know....bombing up a J or two. ....quite fucking stoned! haha
    At about 10 I went to Sports cafe for halloween party numero 1. It sucked like hell. Homi asked me to spin for a while....but with that sorta crowd, i'd rather save my good stuff for a better crowd. So i turned him down. Soon after Ndiye arrived, Clara, Nono, myself and Ndiye went to BnB for Halloween party numero 2. That was happening! damn....not as good as it gets...but it was as good as it gets compared to other places in town tonight. damn....this place needs to liven up a lot! So yeah Clara was trashed. She was really fucking with people in there. If we weren't pulling her away from trying to hit girls she figured she had beef with then we were pulling her away from guys she was harasing like crazy. It was just NOT RIGHT!...anyway, she's a weird little girl. She went to the bar and ordered 12 shots of Blowjobs for herself. and yes, she drank them all in a very short period of time.
    And tonight things between John and I just turned bad...very bad. He was smiling and i rolled my eyes at him. This simple action led to a nasty sms fight between us. but i refused to talk to him thru a fucking cel-phone. That's just shallow. So i'm mad at him. He's mad at me. We are both aware of this for once. so maybe we'll sort this out soon. At this point, i'm just so mad.
    Anyway, i'm outta here too now. it's 4:10am....fuck...i'm gonna be asleep till noon.
    peace! The Bacardi Bat lives!

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