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nightrida (jo_rida) wrote,
@ 2003-06-03 02:00:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:Erykah Badu ...and the rain of course :)'s me. I'm still around.
    Wow, I haven't written in here for a while. It's ok though, I'm writing now. I haven't been doing that much lately...well nothing really worth mentioning about, except for a couple of things....but i've been doing loads of thinking. I have a lot of time to think. Anyway, what's been going on in my life lately? hmm....Well, last week sometime....I was with a couple of friends and we were just driving around, chillin...and some dude in the opposite lane had his freakin bright lights on, so it blinded me, which resulted in me hitting a pothole and bursting one of my tyres. Yes, those can be pretty serious. but I was wasn't going fast, so the car didn't swerve much at all. was pretty funny though. We pulled over and David and I thought we could handle this..."just change the tyre and we'll be on our way again." but it wasn't quite that simple....firstly, we couldn't find the damn spare wheel! So that was a pretty good indication that our simple plan wasn't going to work. haha, we eventually decided to call my dad, and yes... he came to our rescue. This was something I was hoping to deal with without his assistance, but anyway...When he got there, we explained that we couldn't find the spare wheel and my dad suggested we look UNDERNEATH the car.....which was something we had failed to do. So David and I felt like right idiots after that. Anway, we sorted everything out. We were all fine. And that was that.

    I didn't have a very eventful past weekend. My brother went to Sun City with a couple of friends, so I enjoyed the peace and quiet. haha... I was just hanging out with friends most of the time.

    Today is Joanna H's Birthday. She's also turning 20. We're 3 days apart, so we always freak out about our birthdays together. lol Especially this year, cause we won't be teenagers anymore. I still have 2 days left. lol I guess i better spend them wisely. I haven't got anything planned for my b'day. I wanted to throw a party...BUT two particular, very important guests won't be in town yet! so I am suspending plans for a party till they get their asses here!! haha...(They know who they are!!)

    Damn, i hate personal trainers! lol Well, not really...the trainers at the gym I go to are awesome, but they always ruin me! haha, I have my own routine now, but sometimes i change it around slightly just to get a bit of variety, so whenever i ask them about a method or machine or something, by the time they are down with me, i am bout ready to collapse on the floor! haha especially with Charles, I try and stay away from him, cause he always drags me over to the free-weights! lol Why am i mentioning this? I donno...i guess because i fear it will happen again tomorrow!

    AIGHT, I haven't got much else to say. It's raining outside, just a calm breezy rainfall. I love it!! I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight. :)

    Sweet dreams, Good night. -Jo.

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