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JimBO! (jlmunizza) wrote,
@ 2004-02-13 10:43:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Kiss- The Boys Are Back In Town

    it sure has been a while
    i haven't updates since just after the semester started! wow... a lot has happened and time is flying. i hardly have time to do anything any more, but since i worked my ass off yesterday to do work, i have nothing to do until sunday, so i thought i'd stop by to say hi and fill you in on what has been up!

    i'll start with school since that seems to be taking up most of my time. my classes are rough, and i was definitly duped last semester. i thought college was a breeze- turns out i just had really easy teachers. here's the run down of my current classes:

    history 1500- present: it's an okay class. a little boring, a lot of work. it's pretty much a lecture with 3 tests, the first of which is next week. he also has us watching 6 movies over the semester! one is barry lyndon- it was very hard to find and i ended up going to the library to get it. it was 2 tapes and 3 hours and 4 minutes! i popped the first tape in my living room vcr on sunday, and it wouldn't play. here, the vcr ate it! so i freaked out a little then decided to go down the basement and watch tape 2. i put that in for about 15 minutes, it stopped, and once again, A DIFFERENT VCR ate the tape!

    applied business calc- i actually like this class, (jim likes a math class?! is that possible?!) it isn't too hard, and we do most of the work on the calculator and excel. math makes sense when you apply it to something!

    business perspectives- it's a hellish course for all business majors. it's pretty much like a cult, they take over your life. we have to develop a product, and come up with a business plan for it including financial statements and marketing plans. to cap it off you need to present the plan to bankers and try to get a loan to start your business. the program is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and the winners get $100... sounds fair right? do all the leg work, here's a $100 bill, split it 4 ways, and never call us again! my group was planning on developing a razor that shoots out shaving cream and water, but it's already made! can you believe it?! we changed our idea to self tanning wipes. johnson and johnson already makes self tanning products, and they make baby wipes, so we are gonna put it together... pretty good eh?

    philospophy- this class isn't for me. i dont like dancing around answers and going along with the "but why do you think he thinks that way" crap about aristotle. it's right up someone's alley, but definitly not mine!

    english- i saved the best for last, yeah sure. it's college writing 2, and the professor is like 2 years older than us (well thats exaggerated, but i have never met such a young professor). she has a bitchy streak to her and a voice that just cuts right through me. on my first paper i got a B, i was not thrilled at all. it was a summary paper, and she raved about how wonderful the summary was, then writes "watch pronoun agreement- B" what the fuck? 15 points off for pronoun agreement?!?! the next paper will have NO PRONOUNS in it. she thinks shes a know it all too. she tells us to do our essays in MLA format, but teaches the wrong format, and people question her so she gets all bent out of shape and says "do it my way". well no, because its the wrong way you ass!

    ok now i vented most of my frustrations about school, i'll move onto work. it sucks. next month will be 4 years for me. when i started we had 6 employess, not counting the owner. now he have upwards of 10, not counting pharmacists. it's pretty rough because we dont need everyone, and everyone wants hours. sometimes its like pulling teeth to find something to do because i feel bad standing around. most of the other people stand around and don't get anything said to them though... i dont know what to do. the customers are asses too. i'd love to have a day to tell people what i thought without having to deal with consequences.

    this weekend is valentines day. me and heather are going out to dinner at a place called calabrazilla (i dont know how to spell it). i boobed out and didn't make reservations until late, so after calling a bunch of places, the earliest i could get was 8:30, ouch! i think we may hit up a party after that, who knows.

    things at home are going okay. this is a shitty time of year because this is the time last year when my dad started to get really sick. i was kinda freaked out going to austin meehan for sam's soccer game the other night, it was the first time i was there without him. we're all hanging though!

    did you see the flyers game last night? they won, and burke played well in net (i like the trade by the way), but roenick took a slap shot to the face and is out indefinitly, then 42 seconds later primeau got hit and got a concussion. so at one point they had a ton of defensemen out, then both goalies went down and one had to retire! i guess it's time for the offense to go, but atleast they will all be healthy for the cup run! joe and i will be there for the cup run too- we are buying the playoff tickets to go with our 11 game pack so that they are a lot less expensive. it's over $450 for 2 home games in each round, and you get refunded for all games that arent played, so we are banking on an early playoff exit so we can get our money back. but since that is the way we are thinking they will probably win the cup and we wont get any money back- it's worth it. (shhh- it's reverse reverse reverse psychology- do not attempt it at home, i am a trained professional!)

    me and mike at work may buy a 17 game plan for the philles so we get entered into a drawing of 15,000 opening day tickets instead of the regular people drawing which has 5,000 tickets. if we get the 17 game plan, we also get the first crack at playoff tickets- where they will be this year!

    theres so much more that i want to talk about, but i can't possibly write everything! i figure i'll save it for another time- until then, take care!


    yo- leave me a comment!

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