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James Givens (jjisaturtle) wrote,
@ 2005-05-07 02:10:00
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    Current mood:mellow
    Current music:Hollow - Submersed

    Cinco de Mayo
    Man, craazy night last night. I went out with Joey and those girls downtown for the 5th....whoa. There were seriously 300 people in line to get into Antigua, and Joey walks up to one of the bouncers and gets us right in for free. Pretty sweet. One of the girls that came along was hanging on to me all night. I was more annoyed than interested, but later I found out that she was a lesbian. Good times. She made for a good wingman though. And Erin came into town! I love having that kid around. She's such a great person. We were sitting in my car at the beach at around 1am and a cop decided to see what we were up to. He was nice though. I didn't pay the parking meter and I thought he was gonna ticket me or make me leave...or something. He told me to stay and have a good time. Definitely didn't see that one coming...

    I saw House of Wax tonight. Worst movie ever. It was SO gory and just...bad. Eh. I met Nikki's boyfriend too. That guys a character. I guess I approve though :-p If Nikki's happy she's happy. No two ways about it. I have to say though, it's wierd having all of these girls as friends....I just feel so akward hearing them talk about dating and guys and stuff. Like, I could never think about them the way I think about girls I, I'm always shocked at some of the things I hear. Haha, sorry! I'ma tired...I still have a lot of trouble sleeping and I don't really know why. It's all good though. I have the rest of my life to catch up on that stuff right. Well, g'night ya'll! (My Michelle dedication)

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