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Jimi V (jimmyvelvet) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 21:40:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:from autumn to ashes- autumns monlogue

    so yeah the show on saturday was great, didnt go to titusville, but i wouldnt be able to stay over nigth or hang with anyone i would have to hang with my mom so i stayed home . went to the show it was great saw corbin aka milky i havent seenhim inlike 2 a year or 2 , talked to him , everybody put on a real good it was a good time , went back to the hotel room went to sleep , sudnay i had to go to chruch, i ddint go inside i just sat in the car listening to a cd and then there was this crazy man playing with a dog in front of the church then we came back here i left went to titusville , first stopped at the flea market to get soem new glasses went and hung out with my mom then we went to orlando to the place where she was staying and it was badass it was a fucking resort plave and it was badass then i made it home ,went out hung out with some friends , next day sick then on monday went to a hotel for my friend abes birthday stayed there till one or 2 got drunk got hit on by the guy who got us teh beer (a gay guy who is 35 lives with his parents , have tried every drug and was weird), it was horrible but other than getting hit on it was a good night , almost got a job but they got some one before i got there , so i went and hung out with this chick jessi who is really cool and i chilled there for a while, my grandma caught me smoking a black and mild didnt get in trouble , she really doesnt care about my bad habits anymore , i got straight as on my interm, and everyone was happy my grandma left to go to new jersey till saturday so i am all by myslef casue my brother is at his friends house . and i am just waiting for more people to come hang out with me but yeah i am done , no more to really say school sucks chicks suck and acting sucks .
    Love Jimi V

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