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Jimi V (jimmyvelvet) wrote,
@ 2003-11-08 17:34:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:bouncing souls pietasteaters- dont u forget about me (simple minds cover)

    well damn
    last night, this mournign turned out to be quiet a adventure. so i am just lieing in bed and aberham comes to the window and he is like hey keith want to hang out . and i was like sure sounds good meet me in front so i go in front and there he is with his girlfriend little sister and her friend so i am like hey whats up . and then we went inside and he pops out a bottle of captain morgan spice rum so i am like i am cool with that and the sisters friend was like yeah sweet and really excitied , so she took her first shot and then her second and 3rd. after A couple minutes it is obvious that she is really fucking drunk . so no one else is really drunk we are just chillen adn tlaking and shit and then the trouble starts , i have never seen some one that drunk in my life it was like a movie , so she is wobling and being loud and shit and i am like man 3 shots, but yeah so abe went to his house to get a couple beers . and i am stuck here with the crazy drunk chick. so abe coems back with soem beer and we drink some more and now it is just riduclous how drunk she is , she was drink a beer and looks and just spits out all the beer into abes was prety funny so now the sister wants to leave so we walk them in front and they get on there bikes and for a minute it looked like she was going to make it but then she fals off her bike. so for like 2 hours i am trying to help her up and keep her awake and shit and everytime i would do it she would try to kiss me , now u would expect me to kiss her , but nope cause she is crazy drunk and is not thinking straight so i just keep moving my head away , so finally i was like i will take her to abes house so we walk and it is like 3 clock in the mourning, and i am walking this drunk chick home . we finally get her home and everything is good so i am sitting in abes room and waiting for him to get me a drink then his girlfriend walks out of her rooma dn i am scarred shitless , so i lay down on his floor and she didnt see me . so i left the house with a drink and walked along walk home , and when i got home it is 5. that was the weirdest fucking night. but yeah nothing excititng happening tonight, coming down next weekend cause my mom is coming to town or something. but yeah thats is it
    Love Jimi V

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