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كا ضم -//- Katzchen [Kaze-Chan] (jimmycrackcodes) wrote,
@ 2005-06-14 12:07:00
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    Kutless - Run
    So im here in class, im on one of those unclass pc's

    Ahhhhh im so worried, well, no worries, but just a little,
    i dont think anyone feels prepared for tommorow's test.

    Ahh; so like i was so incredibly tired today that the words when the connecting AST to the end of a sentence
    [which is "is" at the very end of a sentence]
    and i wasnt registering, she was saying 'eh' which is colloquial
    i was THAT tired lol.

    So i think tommorow before my test starts im going to bring like 2 of those hydroxicut pills
    so i have plenty of caffeine,
    falling asleeping during a couple of questions is what hurt me on my last test, I made a BBC
    I intend on making A a and A, god willing
    [en shah allah, as far as arabic goes.]

    When i get to like my 10th test [this is like between 2 and 3rd]
    Ill start trying to incoporate persian with my poetry,
    i think it will help me out if i think of a good friend, or something or i try to take everything that im typing here and put it into that language, i think maybe i can help increase my overall vocabulary that way

    some people say that i should just pretend to not speak english and forget it all together but thats kinda silly, i have to have some kind of language to relate all of the rest of the language that im learning with it to. XD

    Im really glad you liked my poem dead, it was for ya.

    I can feel there is going to be alot of good changes in my life,
    and if i do good on the test i can know that at least ive been paying attention alot in language class overall anyways.

    I dont have a website anymore, i think after i finally get the internet service set up in my room with sprint dsl
    im going to have all of that setup again for any matter.

    Oh yeah and i promised that i would put a few pictures online, of me in the last couple of while of being here in the military
    ill put them up next time that i get a good chance, ill upload them to another website.

    feh.. FEH XD feeeeeeeeh! *hyper* yeah ive had alot of caffeine, i needed it to keep me awake,
    we were in the middle of a conversation about drinks in farsi,
    and i said
    "gaf-feh-ee, lotfan.. [cofe... coffeeee pleeeeeeeeease XD]

    man gafee mee khoram. lotfan, aga-ye mu-alem.
    [cofe please, i desire to get some]
    then i got up and put like 20 cubes into a cup by the coffee machine lol,
    i think someone counted just how many,

    you could see an evil smirk of disaster on my face, seeing my concauction forming of hyperactive brew.


    So yeah, thats about it for now, im going to listen to my mp3 player [kutless, and reliant k]
    and im going to try to move around so i dont fall asleep again.]

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