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Jim (jim_rock) wrote,
@ 2004-03-11 07:07:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:"Hot n' Cold" - Basement Jaxx

    Ahh how the mighty blog has been degregated to digital sweepings, left to the the digital gutter............ Heres some top fives, bitches.

    Top 5 favorite bands/groups/ personas of the moment.
    1: Muse
    2: Mae
    3: The Cars
    4: Three Six Mafia (whos crunk!?)
    5: El-P And The Blue Series Continuum

    Top Five Books I've recently read.
    1: All three George R. R. Martin books in the Fire and Ice series.
    2: "This Side of Paradise" - F. Scotts Fitzgerald
    3: "The South Beach Diet" - Dr. Agatson
    4: "Why America Dropped the Bomb: The Architecture of an American Myth" - Some Old White Guy
    5: "The Screwtape Letters" - C.S. Lewis

    Top Five Movies I've Recently Seen In Theaters Or On Dvd.
    1: Starsky And Hutch
    2: Lost In Translation (the ending still leaves me empty) (dvd)
    3: The Passion Of The Christ
    4: Love Actually
    5: Old School (dvd)

    Top Five Video Games I'm Currently Playing.
    1: Battlefield Pirates (bf mod)
    2: UT 2004 Demo
    3: Neverwinter Nights
    4: Beyond Good And Evil
    5: Final Fantasy X-2 (very slowly)

    Top Five TV shows of the moment.
    1: Sopranos
    2: Home Movies (adult swim)
    3: The Real World (mtv)
    4: Barefoot Contessa (food network)
    5: Chappelle Show (comedy central)

    Favorite Things In General At The Moment:
    1: Cigarettes
    2 Chicken Wings
    3: Hooka Bars
    4: Sleeping
    5: Diet Coke?

    Peace, you sons and daughters of whores.

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