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Krystal (jewelsofthesun) wrote,
@ 2007-08-25 02:29:00
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    just a couple of thoughts
    life as i have known it has passed away...i have moved away from home, lost 3 best friends, and i am in a buttload of dreams are coming true, but i am penniless in the heart is broken my dreams have been stomped on so many times but i continue to pick myself up and make something of friends begin to miss me and they slowly start to come back...the good thing about moving away from mom gives me more money than i have ever been is like since she can't see me anymore she has to make up for what she is missing by giving me money....i miss my old life where i had friends that i could just call up and they would come rushing over if something was wrong with me or if i needed a shoulder to cry on...they were there...but i have learned that as you grow older...your friends become fewer and fewer until you literally only have the one that you are married to...your best friends will move on...get married have babies and have their own will talk to them through an email every now and then...get a picture at christmas with their happy family portrait on it....but that will be it...few friends last....but there is one friend that remains constant through it all...that is god...he has been with me since the moment that i gave my heart to him in the ninth grade of high school...yes i admit that i have strayed but i have continued to come back and ask for forgiveness he is an understanding god...but a jealous god...dont mess with him to matter how big of sins i have made in the past...he forgives me...i know that i am forgiven when i have that peace in my heart that i have not had in forever....i stray i know...but god i do come back....he has plans for each and everyone of us...of that i am sure...but i am also positive that we tend to lean only on god when we are hurting or in trouble...god wants to help us with our problems...but he also wants to share the joy that we have over finding a new and better paying job, getting into college, finding out tat you are pregnant after 3 years of trying. He wants to know the good things to he loves to hear our laughter and our praises just as much as he lvoes or should i say hate to see us hurting and bent over with fears....

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