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Krystal (jewelsofthesun) wrote,
@ 2007-09-09 00:22:00
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    friends in general
    i have some of the best friends in the entire world...but sometimes they can only think of themselves and their needs...but you know what it is cool sometimes throws obstacles at you that only you can handle by yourself and right now life in general i am going to handle by myself...give myself some peace and quiet....i got a tattoo this week and my pissed....she doesn't think that i have the right to do that to my body unless i pay for everything in my lfie....and that is jsut not fair you know...but life sucks and life isn't is a bitch...but that's cool she got over it pretty fast...but she is pretending like ti never happened and that it is just a nightmare and you know what? that's cool with me....pretend like she doesn't see it....and when i am around her i will pretend like it doesn't exist....that is how my family is....pretend it isn't happening and it will go away! but you know what...that doesn't always work....for my 18 year old brother is an alcoholic...but she refuses to see that saying he is just having a good timfe.....having a good time on a sunday-saturday basis is not having a good time...that is called go to a fucking rehab facility and get some help~ same as my 16 year old sister...she doesn't know what to do with her...but yet still allows her to have a phone and a car...after she has lied countless times...been chased by the cops and is dating someone who my parents don't like....where is the boundaries here? i mean ya...i got a tattoo big fucking deal at least im not like um....having sex...drinking...smoking pot....and who knows what else is out there.....the guy cleaned the needles in front of new colors out...and did an amazing job and i will go back and get another one!!!! sometime soon!!!!

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