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Alexis (jettaisbetta) wrote,
@ 2003-11-21 13:35:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:"You Don't See Me"...because you DON'T.... :(

    For Shizzle, Dizzle, it's FRIDAY!
    ha at least, I think it is Friday....god this day has been SOOOO LONG! I'm STILL at work....oy vei. But I have GREAT NEWS!!

    Nick Duros (aka TITS) messaged my phone and was like "Hey I have your video when do you want me to drop it by" and i'm thinking at first who the hell is this but then I checked and I was like NO WAY, IT'S NICK! So then I proceeded to get EXTREMELY stoked. Here's the 411 (lol STOP IT) on this video....Nick and Beechler came over to my house one day to watch this video. We made the video back in HIGH SCHOOL (senior year, baby) and my mom came home and that was the day of the ice cube incident lol so I told Nick to take the tape just so it looked like that was the reason that he and beechler were at my house. He's had it ever since lol and told me that he LOST IT. But he FOUND IT and I'm so fucking excited, WOW. I honestly never thought I would see it again. And I didn't have any other copies of it. But making it was seriously the highlight of my senior year (besides graduation, when I got the hell out of Los Al HS forever). It's funnier than any of the other videos I've made COMBINED (sorry Jordan and Sarah, but u gotta see this one to believe it...altho our videos are pretty damn funny). Esp. when Sarah and I go off about Jeff (aka Russell) and how he was really warm that one day lmao good times. Wow I know a lot of people who are aka something lol I love it.

    I think this day has been so damn slow cuz i wanna go home and watch the video like RIGHT NOW, THIS SECOND!!!! Sarah is stoked to see it too, I can't WAIT. Well I got some stuff to do, baby, but I will write again soon.....*kiss kiss* I'm out at 2, YEAH!

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