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Alexis (jettaisbetta) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 08:56:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:"Baby Boy" by Beyonce feat. Sean Paul

    Good morning, baby, what's happening....DANNY CALLED! YES! Ok here's what happened....I get up this morning and my parents are like "Do you know a guy named Danny Taylor..." and I say yeah he's my friend and Jacob's best friend and they say "...because he called last night at midnight and was drunk". UH OH BUSTED. My mom was like isn't he only 17 and I'm thinking DAMMIT cuz now they think all bad of him or something. But how great, Danny called. It was 2 in the morning in Colorado when he called lol but all he and Jacob do is get drunk and whatever in Colorado. Well, they did it in Bass Lake too lol when they went camping. Silly boys. I'll have to call him today. Hopefully he will remember calling me last night lol my dad said that he was slurring his words and stuff. I haven't talked to Danny since last summer. I can't believe he called! Maybe I can get Jacob's # in Colorado from him. I'm so STOKED hehe :-D It's been WAAAAY too long. He should have called my cell instead of my house though....he knows about my sleep thing but I guess when you are wasted you tend to forget these things lol....

    GOSH life is just fabulous right now. Even if I have to study all day today.....or at least pretend to lol. I'm really tired right now for some reason. I think I was sleep walking last night lol cuz i was half asleep when I was walking and then I woke up completely and I was standing in the middle of my kitchen and I was like wtf am I doing here and so then I went back to bed haha. Whatever time it was, my dad was still watching TV. Figures. He was probably asleep on the couch when Danny called. Danny bo banny.....haha I can't wait to talk to him.

    It's a pretty day today...too bad I'm gonna be in the house the whole damn time. What lame shit. I'm not gonna pass this test, I already know that. I don't remember anything that I studied yesterday (and yes I actually DID study yesterday lol). It's pointless.

    Richard has told me about 5 times that he is really tired. What a conversation lol. He went to a Yellowcard/Matchbook Romance concert last night and stayed up until 2 in the morning. FUN FUN! :) Wish it had been me haha....but yesterday was great enough, a CONCERT couldn't even top it.

    Well sunshine, it's time for me to go take a shower and maybe I can break out of the house to go to the bank and give Sarah her sunglasses back cuz I have had them since Friday. Talk to you soon! *muah* later, baby!

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