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Alexis (jettaisbetta) wrote,
@ 2003-11-06 09:33:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:"Holidae Inn" - Snoop, Chingy, & Ludacris...BOMB ASS PUSSY

    Is this it.....
    Good morning....well after I wrote my blurty to whoever keeps commenting on it (great job on the last one, OUCH that one almost hurt....NOT). Obviously this person is so cool that they won't even put their NAME next to their comment. Own up to it, you pussy lol....

    So Sarah and I went with her sister to pick up her dad's car and then we drove back to Los Al and went to Starbucks and I got a Carmel Machiatto cuz my throat was hurting really bad. So Sarah and I just sat and talked for a long time and then I took her home and went home and realized that I really was getting sick so my mom came home and FREAKED out cuz everytime I sneeze it's a potential seizure to her lol So I took my temperature and it was 100 so I went to the hospital and the short of it is that I either have tonsilitis, strep throat or (scary music) MONO. This is the best, last night the doctor is like do u know anyone who has had mono etc etc and I'm thinking um yeah my boyfriend lol so I get home and I said something about it and my mom said "oh but jordan told us that the test turned out negative" and I was thinking OH SHIT i forgot. So let's just think positively that I don't have mono cuz if I do then that will suck. So I get to stay home today and tomorrow I guess and if I'm not better after Saturday then I go in for a blood test to find out if I have Mono. I can hardly WAIT ha.

    I took EVERYTHING out of my profile this morning (even Alberto's EXTREMELY hilarious line) and wrote my own opinion on the influx of tv movies about people's experiences like Jessica Lynch and Elizabeth Smart. Rob wrote one about Jessica Lynch so I wrote it about Elizabeth Smart. Here's what Rob's says:

    ok, it has to be said. NBC, you just need to shut the fuck up. Jessica Lynch doesnt need a tv movie about her. and in NO way is she ANY kind of hero. i HATE hearing about how 'heroic' she is. WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE DO? well, besides FAIL her mission and get captured? now every little girl knows that if she fucks up at something, she'll get a tv movie made about her. werent there a couple others that were saved? where are their movies? who knows their names? the incredible story should be about the team that pulled them out of the huge hole that convoy dug for themselves, not the girl who made the military risk even more lives to pull her busted up ass outta that shithole of a country. Jessica is NOT a hero, so shut the fuck up.

    And then, here's MINE:

    Because Rob has commented on the Jessica Lynch movie, I feel the need to talk about the Elizabeth Smart Story that is coming out. Ok seriouisly who the fuck came up with the idea. I mean yeah, people want to know what happened to her because we live in a society of nosy FUCKS who feel like the Smart family OWES them some kind of explanation. PLEASE. This poor girl has been kidnapped and has been home for a millisecond before they start making a movie about her ordeal. If I were her, I would tell whoever came up with the idea to fuck off and stay out of my life. The news media is acting like just because they had her face on every channel, and arguably helped in saving her, she now should let them into her life once again and put her entire story out there for everyone. I feel bad for the Smart family, who have already dealt with enough bullshit. Our media people need to STOP IT right now.

    So that's that. :) Rob had the FUNNIEST thing about his gardeners in his profile OMG I'd put it on here but I dunno if Rob would like that lol so I won't. Random subject I don't even know if Jordan is coming home this weekend. Even if he does, I probably won't see him because I'm sick or whatever. Eh. I'm learning to do without, I guess.

    Well I'm done writing for now, if anything incredibly exciting happens, then I'll write again (don't hold your breath lol cuz I'm not)....later, baby! XOXOXOXOXOXOX Lex

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