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Jessie Carson (jessiecarson) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 21:43:00
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    Current mood:crappy
    Current music:The Day's of The Pheonix

    So I've been a member for how long and still haven't posted? Sorry. Not like anyone is going to read this. I got sick of the people on ujournal being so fucking immature, and I need to start clean. Doesn't everyone want a new start where nobody knows them? Guess that's just me.

    Today was overall very shitty. High School is still not what it's cracked up to be. These are supposed to be the best years of our lives, yet I've never really felt this depressed about nothing before. photo teacher decided that it was time to watch a movie about photojournalists going over to Somalia and taking pictures of war and famine. They all say, "It makes us feel really low, and it breaks a person to watch all of this but there's just something that keeps calling us back." Who would want to go and take pictures of these starving children? It needs to be seen, but not so many of them need to keep going back. One man said when he turned on his light he could hear the little boy wimper because it hurt, and the man knew it but he said he had to take the picture. That bothers me so much. Stop spending so much money on the fucking cameras and buy the little children food. Give it to the AIDS research fund. That's another know that millions of dollars are spent on making a roller coaster? I can't believe how much fucking money we waste, yet whenever we see little babies in Africa dying of AIDS we say "aw that is just terrible." But I guess I shouldn't be talking, because I'm certainly no saint.

    So what else happened today that made my day terrible...I got my 12 o'clock headache as usual, except now it's 10 and I still have it. I also read in the adamcarson_lovers community that Adam was walking around with a girl at a concert. I'm going to think the worst, as usual, and assume it's his girlfriend.

    I really want this day to be over.

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