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Jessica G (jessica47) wrote,
@ 2004-03-26 20:43:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:only one

    jeez i didnt realize i havent updated in this well its long for me anyways..yep so everything has been great was ok today..i have a stupid ISU in sucks and its boring..we get 3 class days to work on it..booooooooooooorrring..lmao its fun to watch moe play pokemon under his desk tho..lmao me, moe, timarie and kristen had fun talking about movies today..then kristen flipped out on moe and told him she wishes he would they hate eachother soooo and timarie couldnt stop laughing..math is soooo dumb, i hate failing with a mom's gonna flip when she finds out..summer school here i come..english was ok..its kinda boring now, im getting sick of to kill a mockingbird..walking home in the rain was fun today..justin, andrew and nicole walked me home, then we went back and walked nicole home then we walked andrew home then justin..jeez it was sooo much walking..i dont think i've ever walked so then me and nicole got lost in the was fun tho..but we had to walk past mcdonalds and nicole was starving and she said that she would eat a dirty chicken mcnugget..gross..ya she was tired from all the walking..lmao splashing in the puddles was fun..until justin kicked it all at me and most of it went in my ear..grosssss..well this weekend should be good..same as last weekend..soooo much scary i dont think i've ever watched so many since i started going out with kidding im starting to like them now..there not soo bad..ok well i g2g ttyl

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