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Jessica (jessica42o) wrote,
@ 2006-12-03 12:41:00
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    Current mood: awake

    how cool are you, hambone?
    When I woke up just a few seconds ago.. I was laying in bed and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Mark brought me a cinnamin roll. How nice!? It kind of made my stomach hurt though. I hate always waking up and feeling nauseaous. I need to go smoke a bowl. I'm too lazy for that shit though. Hell, I didn't even get out of bed to get on the internet..

    Last night we fucking did the shit again. I really didn't want to. Ryan was really drunk though, and everyone else that was there, besides Crystal, was doing it. Even after he got some, I was planning on saying no, but when I walked in the room there was already one cut out for me, so I did it anyways. That only led to a few more.. we didn't get much. That was completely fine with me though. I was at home, in bed, and fast fucking asleep by 3:30. I don't know what time Ryan finally went home.

    We had a really good weekend together. Each night was special.. sort of. Friday we just genuinely had a nice time enjoying each other. Last night we went to Marble City Grill and ate dinner and hung out at the bar for a few hours. We watched the Christmas parade out the front store window. It was real old-school. fun stuff. I had the chicken & cheese quesadillas. yumm!

    Crystal finally got a cell phone yesterday. I think she is the only person I knew that didn't have means of communiction... and she kind of needed it the most. Good thing she got that shit then, I guess.

    I need to take a shower.. I'm just ready to see Ryan though. I just talked to him and I think he just wants some alone time today.. or something like that. I just got the impression he wanted to lay around all day by himself, and later me come over. That's fine.. just boring. Mark and Carol are decorating for christmas. Putting up trees and shit. Looks good, I just hope they aren't planning on me helping. I don't really like decorating. Shit, get me dressed and stoned, I might help. I think I'm gonna get all fucked up on pain pills today. that might be fun.

    I have to write my in-class final essay for english 101 tomorrow at 9:25 sharp. uuggghhh!

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