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Jessica (jessica42o) wrote,
@ 2006-11-16 13:03:00
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    Current mood: high
    Current music:little lilly -wp

    nothing's real
    I up and decided to take two gravities right before I came to work. so random. I stayed at Crystal's last night. Well, this morning. I didn't end up falling asleep until we had to be up at 7. We skipped class and decided sleep was better.. since we could finally get some. It seems like I've stayed awake so many hours the past 8 days.. and stayed constantly pretty fucked up.. everything feels like it happened so unbelieveably long ago I can't remember it. Like.. yesterday? What the fuck happened? Ohh.. I kind of do remember now. I wrote my paper all morning long.. then took it to Alex City and came back and proceeded to fuck myself all up. Til.. this morning. Now, I'm at fucking work. I need Ryan back. uugghh I want him back! He told me yesterday that he might not be back until Thanksgiving. That's a whole 6 days away! I miss him so damn bad I almost can't handle it sometimes. That's why I've stayed so fucked up. I mean, I've been bored too.. but I need Ryan here. If he was here, I wouldn't do most of the things I've done.

    I need to clean my car out. Like, now. I have to pick up the boys frmo school at 2:50, but there's shit all in my car just sittin out that they don't need to see. Connie left me $20 to get us something to eat. I really hope I have money left over, because it's gonna be pushin it making it to knollwood and getting food without running out of gas. I'm flat broke. Hell, I'm in the hole $56.. uugghhh, for shit I've already done. That sucks so bad.

    New Years tickets go on sale Saturday! yay!

    it's only real if you believe

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