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Jessica (jesseekah) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 22:29:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Drew Carrey Theme Song

    Orange Juice
    Ahh...a good day starts wif Orange Juice...and Ends wif a glass of Orange juice. Today was like...kinda wierd. I got up at dressed, brushed my hair, packed my back pack, ate some banana nut muffins, a nice glass of orange juice, and walked to the bus stop. I road the bus wif Bea...we walked to each others lockers, then went and sat down in the lil cobble stone thingy area wif the BIG RED poles in the middle of the hall..yeah there. Then I went to first hour..and slept....

    Second hour was spanish..we went to the computer lab, and I sat between Ashley and Joey Brandt...(both Varsity Cheer leaders) and we talked bout Cheerleading and Marching Band...they were dissapointed that the boys dint come down and do the funky Chicken! I really hate it how ppl diss the cheerleaders...cuz they dont really know them....Ive known Alex & Joey fer a long time, almost 8 years and theyre super awesome!...and Ashley is sooo sweet.

    Third hour~ I talked my way outta taking the test...woohoo! lol Im a smoooooooothe talker! lol I slept the whole hour

    Fourth hour~What the hell was Masse talking bout? would anyone like to let me in??? I think today's discussion had to do wif Niagra Falls...and uh...some author who chose not to win the Nobel Piece Prize...? i dunno...I never know what the hell hes talking about.

    Lunch~OH baby...what a fight! It was terrible...they had to call the cops and an ambulance..wooo...yikesiez... Then afta fourth hour...there was another fight...I dint stay to watch taht one...I had a math test to talk my way outta.

    Fifth Hour~Sprague decided not to give us the test...cuz there was an assembly fer Juniors...and afta they left..there was only like 10 ppl in that he changed it till thursday. Woohoo go Sprague! Then my mom came and got me...and I went to see muh Doctor...and Doctor Knas said that I have to get surgery..either that er there gonna juss shave the bone off. But more than likely will do the full surgery. So she gave me a referl to go see Dr. Kalmus (foot doctor) tomorrow at 11:30...oh yes fun! She gave me a note to give to Mr. Cramer bout not wearing those marching shoes...cuz she says that my marching shoes are what is causing me so much pain. But Im not gonna give him the note..cuz she dont understand..I HAVE to wear the shoes for competition. She said to stay outta as much as I can

    Afta the appt. I had a private lesson...she said Im doing well...I had fun today...I was like "yeah..ur daughter's band smoked us Saturday by 40 points" and she was like "ooh...Im sorry" i was like "well we wernt expecting to get first place wif Plymouth Canton there...but I was at least hoping to do well" I dunno...what really happend Saturday.

    I came home...slept..ate pancakes...then went to practice...which went by really fast...I dint even kno it was 9. We got a few sets done...not our goal tho. Our goal was 12...we I think...10 pages of Drill. If you're reading this...and dont have a clue of what im talking bout, drill, sets...all that stuff...then I suggest u JOIN MARCHING BAND and see what im talking about! :-)

    Oh was funnie. We were in the waiting room in the doctors office...and I was I started conducting to the music on the tv...and this guy turns around and is staring at me...and I look at him...and I felt so stupid. I catch myself doing that all the time...conducting in public...oh Sarah and I were talking we lay in bed...and juss start conducting. Its addicting. lol

    Alright...I think im gonna go to bed...tho I only have a half day tomorrow...

    Oh tomorrow is William's 2nd birthday! HEHE! I love muh Will!

    Steve asked why I dint ask my dad to teach me how to play the drums...I have...I have asked my dad to teach me...but he juss says "I dunno" I think...when Missy moves out...and we clean out the basement...Ill ask him to put his drumset together...and teach me!I think Ill make him do that fer my first reportcard!

    I dint have much homework today...surprisingly tho...cuz I stayed home yesterday...I was sick, my head felt heavier than the rest of my body...and I couldtn really walk well. So I called my mom at work..when I got up at 6, and she told me to stay home.

    I feel like such a pill popper, I take 2 tylenol allergy cold and sinus pills, 2 excedrins, 1 singulair. Good God...5 pills.

    Ugh...ok..this comp is addicting. Everyone has already signed off...and im still on here..updating my I need to go to bed. Which I know I wont...cuz Drew Carrey is on...and I wanna watch it! :-) hehe G'nite


    Mara!!!!~ How do you put picutres in your journal???

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