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Jessee (jesseebabe) wrote,
@ 2003-12-07 12:30:00
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    just woke up
    well its 12:30. believe it or not i just woke up. as usual. and its almost 2 feet of snow out there. My teeth are killing me because of my retainer and stupid me fell asleep with her hairwet so my hair is sooo curly. plus my beautiful bangs are now flipped up and i look retarded. Whatever no one should see me today...i think. unless the boy comes over .. well ill think of something. like where my hat the whole time. YES my hair. The dorky light blue one i always wear. And u know what? i got a new one of thoose for christmas its by Guess. I wasnt 107 pounds. I was only 99-100! between thoose. Im really happy but i dont understand how i dropped the weight. Prolly from eatign cucumbers for liek the rest of my life. Living off them. O and pickles and X-TREME JELL-O gel sticks. They are only 16 carbs! Uh im gunna fricken kill my sister and mom. They want me to take christmas pictures today!! Not only am i NOT in the modeling mood, but did i just explain to you about my hair and bangs!!?? Im gunna work out all day today. Its gunna be great. But i did say that yesterday to and i never worked out. lol so. Dominicks shoveling outside rght now. Hes sucha a man. I could never do that. Id get all wet and cold and yucky. Plus hard labors not for me. Im listening to Easy Target! Great song. I love blinks new cd. Its the only cd i like of theres. I used to ate them. I got pretty offended when Mr. Matterasso said he didnt liek No Doubt. O and Alex Palano too. Ill get thoose crazy people back. But im sure theyre kidding? Who doesnt liek No Doubt??! Now that im looking at the cold white stuff blocking out the sun on my downstairs window...i juss might wanan go play in it. And if i do im wearing all the the snow pants...10 jackets a headwrap AND a hat 2 gloves...yeh u get the idea suckkkkkkkkkaaaa. My dads crazy. Hes out there taking pictures of the snow. The last snow storm my dad went outside with the video camra and took like an hour documentry of it. Like there was never gunna be another snow storm?? Well thats him, thats my dad. He collects coins. And he sells them over the internet. He finds it so cool too. I feel bad for him. I think my family wants to play Trivial Puisuit together today. Pff im gunna beat them. I have so much knoledge of usualess things like Capitals of countries and astronomy and the human anatomy. Dont ask arite? I want to take growth hormones. And im approved to take them my mom just doesnt want me too. I wanna be liek 5'7 5'8. I want long legs...i got stubbs. Even though theyre thin and theres not to much fat on them i can never where boots and knee highs. Im juss gunna have to wear Steve Madden platforms for the rest of my live since im stuck at 4'11-5'0. Hey its not that bad. Could be worse. My laptop gets shipped out in 4 days! i should get it the 13th or 14th! Im exceieted. i named it Vega. After a Star. I was thinking about getting the Sony Vaio. But its not the best traveler and i wanna bring my laptop almst everywhere wih me. Plus myne is much thinner. Its only about 1nch thick closed. At Dominicks house i played Tony Hawk Pro Skater. and he ebat me everytime :(. He always beats me at games. Its terrible! I get so frusterated. So im gunna by Tony Hawk and im gunna learn to play it and beat him real bad!!! hahaah. Well im gunna go download some music. Later cats.

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