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Jessee (jesseebabe) wrote,
@ 2003-12-06 12:27:00
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    first Entree ever
    its around 12:30. i just made this thing. Yesterday we had some snow storm. well oviously. Its suposed to snow even more today and tonite. I think we got about 7 inchs or something liek that. I went to Dominicks last nite. We slept most of the time because we were really tired. I ate a hamburger for the first time in 3 years and i dotn feel that guilty about it. Its a relaly boring afternoon. I woke up at probably 11:00 and had Kix...because i wanted them. Im listening to Eve 6. And i havto wear my retainer in my mouth now for a while because my teeth started to come out again. i cant talk well with this thing in. But if its gunna fix my lip placement back to normal than ill wear them. Im really excieted! Christmas is in 21 days and my birthdays in 30 days and i get Vega. My Inspiron 600m thin and light notebook!. Im going to bring it to school. With my money from my birthday i hope to buy a J'dore Dior shirt and Christian Dior saddle hand bag. Or and diesel jeans and tees and abercrombie destroyed jeans. I also want Alfani shoes and Slim mints. Yay Doms on. He was so tired last night. I woke up with the worst neck pain today. Do u know that swedish bed thing. the one that molds to your body? well my parents bought it and the pillows which are really comfy but they bought me and my sister imitation ones that suck so much. Today i weigh 107 pounds. Eh. its okay. I hope to be 100 soon. well at least before i go back to school. That meens i have to be careful because theres gunna be so much good food around and im gunna be eiether home or with the boy. Im so tired. Im sitting here with Dominicks pajama pants on and a huge fleece. but it is freeeeeeeeezing. I dont think im moving out of the house today. Its starting t snow like crazy again. Dom can come over if he wants later and we can play in the snow...which i hate doign but sometimes its fun. But i dont think he or his parents r gunna wanan drive in this mess! i know mine dont. im mad though because mom wants us to get dressed up today for christmas pictures . . this meens i have to put makeup on and get dressed. Well i would have to anyway if anyone came over later. but my blow dryer is out and my hair is really flat and not flipping up. Today im going to clean my whole room. because its a huge mess. and than maybe ill clean the basement and work out. In photo i have to remember to bring my colored negatives monday to develope. Well im done for now. maybe ill write later.

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