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.B.R.O.K.E.N. (jerseyzbabiie) wrote,
@ 2005-05-11 12:07:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Blink 182 "Im Lost Without You"

    Yesterday I went to the library to upload my new pictures onto myspace and I talked to Chris and Jay. I was suppose to hang out with Anthony and Bryt, but Kyle called. He wanted me to come over, but I told him I might be able to get a ride. I asked Anthony and he said no so I called Kyle back and he told me he didnt want to come over unless I had a ride over. I yelled at him and eventually he gave in and I went over. When I got there, he looked guilty and I told him that. He was acting differently, but also the same. Later I found out that he was high. This means its just going to be like before, where he would keep me for 2 weeks and break up with me and I cant handle that. I want to be with him, but not like that. Later I called Anthony and asked if we still could hang out and Kyle went in his room and locked the door, and turned up the music. He eventually came out and I punched him messing around and he punched me really hard in the chest and I started to cry, and he didnt even seem to care. I went upstairs and he followed me and I asked him what he was doing up there and he asked me too, and I said "To bleed on your bathroom floor" and he grabbed me and said "no" and hugged me and tried kissing me, but I didnt want to kiss him the way he was so he tried, but then backed away. I had to leave because his mom was coming home and he hugged me goodbye, but no kiss or anything and then I said I probably wont be back and I rode away heartbroken again.

    ♥ Sue

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