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Jennifer (jenny_fur) wrote,
@ 2004-06-29 22:11:00
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    Current mood: nostalgic
    Current music:Metallica - Enter Sandman

    chlorine turns my hair green! :(
    man, already a month of summer has gone by. crazy. well the past few days have been quite interesting, but i don't feel like typing everything, so i'll just get to today. it didn't start off too well. i got like 4 hours of sleep because i'm turning into an insomniac and totally can't sleep at night. anyway so my grandma came in at like 8 in the morning and yelled, "god damn it jennifer, get the hell out of bed and eat some breakfast!!!" i was too surprised to say anything so i just got out and ate one bite of scrambled eggs and fell asleep at the table just to piss my grandparents off. they're so ridiculous. so i wasted the rest of the day doing nothing until i went to alyssa's house and we swam in her pool with her little brother andrew. much better than running! it was soo fun accept i lost my contacts and hurt myself like 20 times. at least i didn't get sunburned :::does a happy dance::: i went home, excited because they had ordered pizza for dinner, but i found out that all we had left was pineapple pizza. how gross is that? pineapple pizza! who's brilliant idea was that? sheesh.

    i've been kinda sad all day though, remembering camp. i went to a band camp exactly a year ago (yeah, a band camp outside of school! what was i thinking?!) the camp itself sucked, but something about it changed me. maybe it was the 35 hours spent outside with 200 other amazing drummers who were also amazing people. or maybe it was the evening concerts and activities. but i think it was chris. i miss chris so much. he was truly an amazing friend. we grew closer in 5 days than i have grown with anyone else in 8 MONTHS or more :::crosses arms, frowns, then reaches for a chocolate cupcake::: i guess that shows that you shouldn't set a time limit for things; if they are meant to happen, they will happen. if only we had been able to keep in touch longer. *sigh* oh well. life sucks and sometimes the only thing you can do is wait for it to get better.

    anyway, i s'pose that's all i have to say at the moment. i wish you all a very merry evening.

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