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Jennifer (jenny_fur) wrote,
@ 2004-06-10 01:11:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:The Doors - Break on Through

    man i totally can't sleep tonight! so i guess i'll sit here in front of the computer for a bit and waste away. well, nothing too much has happened lately, except natalie and i saw harry potter the other day. i thought it was way better than the first two. ugh my grandparents are coming tomorrow. somebody save me please! they're staying for a whole month and they're going to be living in my house the whole time. i don't really get along with them that well. maybe it's because they care more about their stupid cats than they do me. they're bringing their 3 cats with them, of course, because the precious little babies can't be out of their sight for one minute. needless to say it should be interesting, and we're going to have 5 cats in this house. hmm. there should be some good catfights at least. off the subject, i am such a pig! i've eaten so much today. a whole carton of lo mein, like 3 candy bars, 3 tacos, a can of tuna, some pasta, and a ton of other stuff, and i'm still hungry. eek! the lights just flickered. maybe it's getting ready to rain. i'm so bored, i wish i had something to talk about. ah! i know, i'll talk about how weird my brother is. i woke up today to a huge kid with a fro (AKA my brother) pounding on my locked door, so i let him in, and he was ecstatic because he had just gotten huge new glasses. OK THEN. there's just something humorous about a 6 foot tall 6th grader with a big fro wearing huge glasses (AKA my brother again). well, there's nothing much else to say, and my lights keep flickering, so i guess i'll just watch some TV.

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