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Jen (jennu) wrote,
@ 2003-09-13 15:34:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:that boy is mine-monica and brandy

    hey hun...damn i dont feel good! i think im sick with some kind of flu or somethin i dunno is horrible...i cant breath and my head and eyes are killin. and it doesnt make me feel to good that my bf is goin to a party with a bunch of girls that are whores, and the is gonna be alot of alcohol and weed and shit. And i dotn trust him cuz he flirts with girls bad enough in front of me i could imagine what he is gonna do behind my back.i told him i wasnt comfortable with him going but he dont seem to give a shit.err....and the thing is he wouldnt let me go to my bff's bday party cuz my ex was gonna be there and my firend didnt invite. Yeah the thing is me and my ex hate each other! and this was an innocent sleepover with parents home, no drugs, no alcohol ! but its okay for him to go to his friends party that isnt for anything special just party to get drunk and laid and shit. Him and this kid arent best friends....and i wasnt invited to this party....but my bf klay asked like 6 girls to go over there and see him but didnt ask me ! GRRR and there is so much more stress with him....but im gonna miss him tho cuz im leavin wed. for missouri and wont be back til nexted monday! thats a long ass time! but yeah i gotta start ill type more later!

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