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Jenn (jenneh) wrote,
@ 2006-09-18 12:48:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Watching loose women

    Updating from uni!
    Well as you have probably guessed i got into uwe! yay! Even though my grades were crap i had enough ucas points for my offer, so yay for that :)
    So I'm here, and its quite stressful, i like my sleep, but i havent been getting much, hence why i slept in til midday today which is rare for me to sleep in quiite so long.
    Went out to the su bar for a bit last night and spoke to some random people so that was all good.
    Induction starts tomorrow which i cant fucking wait for, i need to meet some like minded people, all the people in the flat seem to like to drink every night and stuff and i just cant cope with it. Not sure whats happening for the rest of the week but hopefully rusty should come up on sunday which will be fucking ace.
    Im so emotional atm its really fucking me off, but i spose im just going through the motions.
    Still yet to find anyone else on the phys/pharm course though which is pretty annoying but hopefully im not the only one! They must be hiding somewhere.
    Oh and iv joined the gym here, mum paid for it, it was £150 for the year to use the gym for nothing anytime of the day. But its well worth it, i just have trouble with managing to wash my gym clothes everyday, cant afford to use launderette everyday so have to sink wash but the smell doesnt really go grr. I think if i manage to go home for a bit i'll go buy loads of random cheap tops for the gym.
    Right my arms hurt now.

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