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Brittany (jenica_sparkles) wrote,
@ 2004-04-20 20:00:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Redneck Woman-Gretchen Wilson

    It's Been a Long Time
    I know, I know it's about damn time! Sorry it's been so long since I've written in this thing, and especially sorry to those faithfull viewers (you know who you are). Alot has gone on since I've been back. I've taken multiple trips to Phoenix, Alamagordo, Rangely, and Denver all in less than two full months. It's alot of traveling, but I'm also really enjoying it. I don't have a job right now because no employer in thier right mind is going to hire someone who needs as much time off as I do. I recently got back from Denver where I went to the Raytheon Polar Services Job Fair to see some of my old ice friends. It was really great to see them again, made me feel almost at home. I stayed with my friend Erin and had a great time. On Saturday I spent all day at the job fair chatting with old friends and applying for jobs for next season, later that night Erin and I went to a few bars in downtown Denver which was really sweet. Sunday we went to Elitch Gardens, rode two rides and pretty much stood in line the rest of the day, but I still had a blast. Sunday night was the best time I think I've actually had since I left the ice, we went to the Grizzly Rose and country danced all night. All in all it was the perfect vacation, but it also had a purpose which justifies the previous. I needed the vacation time in lue of the recent events that took place. It was a pretty damn rough week last week and I really needed a pick-me-up. I'm not going to air out my dirty laundry but those of you closest to me know exactly what I'm talking about. To make things even brighter I got a free Rockies ticket and a free Elitch Gardens ticket for whenever I want, ain't that something! :) I had a presentation in Rangely a few weeks ago and it actually went really well, I also had alot of fun up there, partying mostly! :D Right now I'm getting ready for another presentation/conference/convention in Denver in May for the new interns and to also meet with the Raytheon board about the program and it's flaws. I'm very excited to go back to Denver and meet up with a few more ice friends that I didn't get the chance to see this weekend. Right after I return from Denver I'll be traveling with my parents to Tennessee to visit my uncle, which I'm also looking forward to. And in the middle of the summer I'm heading to Mexico with my best friends for a weekend of totall dibotchary! I've pretty much decided that if I don't get the job on the ice this next season I'm going to get out of Cortez one way or another, so I'll probably move somewhere, possibly Phoenix or Denver. We'll see I guess, I'm just really hoping I get to go back down to the ice this next season. Anyways I'm going to sign off for now, but I'll try and write back soon.

    CLINT-You know I love you Kid and I'm going to try and make up there as soon as I can so we can spend some time together!
    NEW KID-Hey Punk! Hope your partying for the both of us, although I'd probably do a better job! haha Love/Miss you!
    KYLE-Hey daddy! Look I finally wrote!! I'll probably talk to you soon because you'll probably get off early! haha j/k! Love you sweety!
    MISTY-Hey Ass!! So I hear you were in town today and didn't even call me! Well give me a call later! I love you cuz!
    LACEY-Hey girly, I'll give you a call later this week to go to a movie or go play pool at the Brewery or something, k! Love ya!
    CRAIGY POO-I love you boy, your my lil brother! I'm so proud of you and I'm happy for you. P.S. thanks for planning around me!
    ICIES:You all know who you are, if I didn't see you this weekend I hope to see you when I go back up to Denver in May, but I miss ya'll and hope your having fun doing whatever it is you do until it's time to go back! ;) Hope to see you back on the ice this season!

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