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Sooo CLueLeSS...YeT Sooo AHeaD oF ThE GaME (jellybeaner) wrote,
@ 2003-02-01 11:18:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Simple Plan- I'm Just a Kid

    hey there! haven't written in a long long time. been very busy, finals, new classes, sickness, basketball. EVERYONE is SICK! it's crazy. i'm sick, chris is sick, noobie is sick, doofer is sick, ro ro is sick. my whole basketball team is sick, and OMG we lost! jv actually lost, TWICE! but we're 7-2 which is pretty DAMN GOOD.


    so apparently, i talk about kids. and apparently it's my fault that kid's girlfriend's find stuff out. which is funny, because i didn't even know what kids were doing until yesterday. but whatever. i'm a fat chick, nicole has pecks, and kaitlynn has casual anal sex....riiiggghhhtttt.


    well anyways, me and chris are really good!! which i'm incredibly happy about. =) he makes me smile, it's great. and i've been having tons of fun with my friends, we had a nice 'pajama nite' at kaitlynn's last night. we all wore pajamas and order pizza and watched tv and played twister. =) sounds like an episode of full house, huh? but we really did have fun.


    i was watching the news before about the astronauts [can't spell] and the shuttle blowing's so sad. 7 people died, living out their life long dream. stuff like this kinda make me always think of my dad. he's a cop, and a take no bullshit from anyone kinda guy. everyday he goes to work and takes a chance and everyday i don't even think twice about it. it's weird. stuff like this is gonna make me start thinking about 9/11 and then i'm gonna get upset and i'd rather not.


    well it's time to go..gotta go to my grandfather's for the weekend.

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