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Sooo CLueLeSS...YeT Sooo AHeaD oF ThE GaME (jellybeaner) wrote,
@ 2003-01-21 10:34:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:No Music..I'm in school, silly!

    Bio Class
    i'm in biology class, we have a subsitute, i don't really like her that much. we watched a movie on eboli in like this african country, it was nuts. and the sub was supposed tohave us write 20 questions about the movie, but she forgot. we only have like 10 minutes left in class, if that. i had to do my italian skit first period, WOW we totally bombed it and Ms. Focht was all pissed off but whatever, i can't wait until i'm done with that stupid language. finals are next week, i can already feel the stress. geez, how many more days until spring break? = )
    still a little disappointed and upset about "her", it's gonna be weird now. i saw her this morning and i couldn't even look at her the same.


    i'm really hungry. lunch is next period, can't wait! = ) i feel really in love today, i mean well everyday i feel in love of course but today is like extra in loveness [yeah i just made that word up]. maybe it's cause so glad that i have Chris and as much as we fight and wanna kill each other we also love each other very much and i'm so glad he's here to keep my ass in line. i'd probably be making some serious mistakes if it wasn't for him.


    i dunno what time practice is tonight, i hope it's i lied, i hope it's early because the boys are playing Roselle Park here tonight and i really want to go to the game. Serious rivalry going on, kids almost getting hit by cars, serious fights [or rumbles as i like to call them, haha], and of course the infamous stealing of the jersey which took place last time a park team came here to play us.


    well we have like 2 minutes left, i'm gonna log off and stuff. write back tonight. lata.

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