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*.*CeLeStE*.*aLySoN*.*hUsTeD*.* (jeffsboo) wrote,
@ 2004-02-02 11:25:00
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    hey..its my first entry
    Wow...I started this the other day so I thought that I would type in my first entry. I watched the super bowl last night...and I wasn't suprised that Janet Jackson's boob was exposed...maybe that was the suprise guest...haha...well yeah.. I didn't watch the whole super bowl, because I got into a fight with my friend so I left. Can any guy tell me why you are all so complicated at time? I thought that I would just have a good time with him last night, but its a big deal when I want to do something with someone else I think, hell I got bitched at cause I went out to my house and I took my cousin. Yeah..thats nice isn't it. Well me and Shawn are very close in age, I am 19 and he will be 18 soon, and we didn't get along too well, but now its o.k. He has been having some problems and I thought since he just got out of the hospital *he tried to kill himself a few weeks ago* I thought I would hang out with him, and that helped him out a lot. I thought it would do me some good to get out of the house for a while too, but it was like I tried to get out of Ohio without my friend knowing about it. I swear if you are a male and think that I can't go out with my own cousin to have fun...then you can turn around because I will hate you right off.

    Well yeah, I am working right now. I don't do a lot here, I add peoples names into a data base at the school, and its easy. I did like 150 leads today, so I took an early day, since I only work for like 4 hours. Its an o.k. job, and I don't mind sitting around and haivng fun. The ladies I work with are really nice too. So I like it here.

    Well I have to go. I will type another entry some other time. Thanks for lookin at this. :)

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