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*~*Jacqueline*~* (jdjordan) wrote,
@ 2003-06-02 18:54:00
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    Last time you*
    Last time you*:.

    Kissed someone? Today
    Took a shower? a min ago
    Hugged someone? today
    Loved someone? all the time
    Called someone? a lil while ago- john
    Brushed your teeth? a min ago
    Went to Church? weekend before last
    Been in a relationship? right now
    Prayed? ?????

    .:*Are you? Do you?*:. ..
    Smoker? No*
    Drinker? maybe sometimes hehe*
    Singer? only in the shower, and car with john
    Believe in God? hes with me all the time*
    Believe in Love at first sight? sure do: thats why i got my baby....
    Believe in Satan? Yeah
    Party? somtimes*
    A tease? Never hehe =)
    Dance? yep
    Play sports? yeah
    Believe someone can stay in love forever? yes*
    Believe in Ghosts? yes*
    In Angels? Of course...his name is John
    Kissing on the first date? yea*

    .:*Who is & was*:.

    Your last kiss? John
    Your last hug? John
    Your last boyfriend? wont go there
    Last crush? *john
    Last person you touched? i dunno
    Person you miss? john
    Person you love? everybody*
    Want to spend the rest of your life with? john*
    Person you're tired of? no one really*


    Mood? Happy
    Who are you talking to? Britney Starnes, a girl from T.S.
    On the phone with? nobody
    T.V show? 7Th Heaven
    Scene? scene?
    Book? Huck Finn.....for Honors English 10
    Homework? none
    Saying? i dont know

    .:*Who are you*:.
    Personality? nice/bitchy...depends on how ya make me
    Style? i duno
    Height? 5'4
    Hair Color? brown*
    Eyes? Brown
    What do you like in a Boy/Girl? Sexy, honest, trustworthy, all around great guy, athletic
    Religion? Christian*
    Favorite Music? lots of stuff
    Favorite Movie? hmmm
    Are you faithful? Yes, john is the love of my life, gonna be with him for a long time..... =)

    .:*This or that*:.

    Popcorn or Chips? chips
    water or coke? Coke
    Love or Lust? love*
    Angel or Devil? Angel*
    Laid back or Uptight? uptight
    Funny or boring? both
    Pretty or ugly? me=ugly
    Hot or cold? hot*
    Hot Chocolate or Coffee? Hot chocolate*
    Muffins or Pancakes? Muffins*
    McDonald's or Burger King? Burger King
    Taco Bell or Pizza Hut? Pizza Hut
    Bath or Shower? shower*
    Wild or Crazy? Crazy*
    MTV or BET? MTV*
    City or Country? both*
    Friday or Saturday? Friday
    Winter or Summer? Summer*

    + 001. full name ; Jacqueline Diane Jordan
    + 002. nicknames ; JJ
    + 003. sex ; Female*
    + 004. birthday ; Jan 27
    + 005. age ; 16
    + 006. star sign ; Aquar.
    + 007. place of birth ; Indian Path
    + 008. current residence ; Nickelsville
    + 009. hair color ; Brown*
    + 010. eye color ; brown
    + 011. height ; 5'4
    + 013. writing hand ; right*

    ____BODY iLLS + SKiLLS
    + 014. do you bite your nails ; sometimes...when nervous
    + 015. can you roll your tongue ;
    + 016. can you raise one eyebrown at a time ; yeah
    + 017. can you blow smoke rings ; no
    + 018. can you blow spit bubbles ; yuck*
    + 019. can you cross your eyes ; no
    + 020. can you flip your eyelids out; no
    + 021. tattoos and where ; No
    + 022. piercings and where ; yea* ears*
    + 023. do you make your bed daily ; yeah
    + 024. whut goes on first, bra or underwear ; underwear*
    + 025. which shoe goes on first ; left
    + 036. speaking of shoes, have you thrown one at someone ; yes
    + 038. whut jewelry do you wear 24/7 ; necklace
    + 039. whuts sexiest on a guy ; eyes, smile, ass!!
    + 040. whuts sexiest on a gurl ; um....dunno*
    + 041. would you rather be on time and look ok or late and look great ; late and look great*

    + 042. do you twirl your spagetti or cut it ; twirl*
    + 043. how many cereals are in your cabinet ; dunno
    + 044. whut utensils do you use eating pizza ; fork or hands*
    + 045. do you cook ; yea buddy*

    + 047. how often do you shower/bathe ; twice a day
    + 048. how long do these showers last ; 30 mins*
    + 049. hair drying method ; blowdryer
    + 050. do you paint your nails ; yep*

    + 051. do you swear ; sometimes*
    + 052. do you spit or swallow ; LoL* =)
    + 053. do you spit in public ; no
    + 054. do you pee in the shower ; no* eww

    ____iN + AROUND
    + 055. the cd player ; ???
    + 056. person you talk most on the fone with ;John
    + 057. whut color is your bedroom ; blue
    058. do you use an alarm clock ; Yes* sumtimes
    + 059. name one thing your obsessed with ; JOHN
    + 060. have you ever skinny dipped with the opposite sex ; no*
    + 061. ever sunbathed in the nude ; no*
    + 063. whuts your sleeping position ;side
    + 064. whut kind of bed do you like ; mine*
    + 065. in hot weather do you use a blanket; no*
    + 066. do you snore ; nah*
    + 067. do you sleepwalk ; yep
    + 068. do you talk in your sleep ; yep*
    + 069. do you sleep with a stuffed animal ; yes...*
    + 070. how about the light on ; no
    + 071. do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on ; No

    + 073. kissed someone ; today
    + 074. watched bambi ; like when i was 3 maybe
    + 075. cried ; saturday
    + 076. talked on the fone ; a min ago
    + 077. read a book ; few days ago
    + 078. punched someone ; i duno
    ____THE FUTURE
    + 079. where do you see yourself in 10 years; married with kids
    + 080. who are you gonna be married to and where ; hopefully one day John
    + 081. how many kids do you want to have ; 2
    + 082. your profession ; thinkin about bein a coach
    + 083. future school ; ;DUKE

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