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Loretta (jazela) wrote,
@ 2004-11-16 17:23:00
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    So hey how is everyone? I am goin insane and upon request from a certain blurty correspondent I am updating my blurty. I still do not like Kent but I am meeting new people. Since my last entry, I have run into the 2 people who arnt talking to me and both of them have acted like they didnt see me which is fine because i realized..I dont giv a shit!!! Today I got in a fight with my boyfriend about drinking. He doesnt want me to do it and says if I do he might break up with me .. WRONG!!! Thats not something anyone should say to me. I am not a drunk first of all . I have never had a drink in my life so if i wanna try it whether it be now or when I am 21 im gonna and no one is gonna tell me differntly or try to blackmail me out of it. How czn you throw away a whole relationship over a fuking beverage. I was proud of myself thought because I didnt yell once:)

    In other news, I wanted to talk to a certain vegitable I miss dearly and he was talking to his girlfriend. For some reason it really pissed me off even though we were online and he could talk to both of us at the same time ijust didnt like it. I miss my brother (I dont have a real one i just call him that) And i am finding an unexpected friend in philidelphia which I really enjoy talking tro. I just wish I could be more help to him but I am not very good when it comes to dealing with relationships....which I told my boyfriend at the beginning by the way.

    I cant wait until thanksgiving break. I dont know if it is a good or bad thing though. Everyone will be home and everyone wioll be different some, like me not different enough. I want to go to a party but i am not sure i will have time. What am I talking about? I can always make time for a party. Thats me... Party USA...hopefully party glabal in a few years. I need some excitement, change of scenery..something. I need my friend but he is no where to be found... i dont know what i need! I need New York!

    LAst night i stayed up til 3 writing a paper which is what i always do and i still get A's n them which bothera a lot of people. It bothers me because i wish everything came as easy to me as english. I have a great teacher!!! Hopefully i will be able to get him next semester. I think he is the only one keeping me sane. Well him and instant messenger.

    I am tired of having to hold my tounge or be careful what i sayaround people. Its like living a double life. I quit!

    So, now that I have all this free time on my hands in the ansence of the two female aquatences who have departed themselves from me, I am taking Kick Boxing, teaching myself how to juggle, and with the help of my new friend Marc's guitar tuner I will pick up a long lost love.
    Love you ALL! Ps is it long enough brandi? sure the next one will be happier because i am done being angry..its too tireing.!

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