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Loretta (jazela) wrote,
@ 2004-11-05 18:35:00
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    Long time no see!
    Hi everyone it's me again. Sorry i haven't been writing lately i have had a lot of test. well, today was a bad day. started out with me missing english to go and take my hella hard psych test to hellping with renessance ball and being the only one to having my bahama umbrella,, favorite umbrella fukin destriy by the wind, to gettin "sternly talked to" about what is appropriate to say , where to say it, and when to say....please ladies , you talk about being in college..act like IT! Once again I am so sick and tired of everything and a lot of people. As a wise friend of mine tells me "if they dont know you....fuck em! its there loss."Oh and i am majorly pissed about the fucking election...WHAT THE FUCK! I think i am going to start all over..make new friends..and be myself. its hard to know who you are when the people around you are so fake. Isnt it odd when u let people in the ones u let in the most dont even know who u are. maybe its my fault apperently everything else is people are soooo full of shit . even though i talk about you behind your back everyday and smile in your face that same still your friend. yep..people are full of shit!oh and plese people if you have somethin to fukin say do me and everyone else a favor...........SAY IT!dont sit there and sulk like a 2 year old cause "we're in college".....i wish i knew more people here, then i could go wherever whenever and not have 2 worry about always bein by myself somewhere or walkin by myself....evev though i dont really worry about tht. i think im going to enjoy kickboxing on monday. whoaaa ...i feel a lot better. goodnight......p.s. props to bg abd kt..miss and love you both wish u were here so i wouldnt be goin insane.

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