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Jae (jaylilcarebear) wrote,
@ 2005-01-07 16:53:00
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    Well today was eventful, i guess
    i got up at 10 and went to Mott because i thought it would all be done today whelp its not... i took my entrance exam thats it and i got my orientation set for monday which ill be a week behind now and my F. Aid should be through on Wed and then i file for T.I.P any ways its long and drawn out and next semester i will do this way ahead of time anyways... i need to see my baby boy today i miss him so frikn much. I love him and its going to be so difficult for us to see each other except on weekends when hes working and im in school which will be not this coming up monday but next monday. We will get through it i am just waiting to see how it all works out, people do it...i know they do i just wont have much free time like i didnt have when i was going to school except for the occasional weekend here and their but thats no biggy really. We will manage because i will eventually have a great job. I want to minor in crimianl law i think right now i dont know what i want to major in but i have more than a year to think about it i am excited as well as nervous, ive never done ANYTHING on my own and this is like one of the biggest steps ive ever done by my self. I just am afraid of not being ready to take it on and i know it will be different than high school just not sure if it will be better or worse. I have a LOT of time to just sit and chill now well, a weeks not a lot of time but enough were i should be alright.

    im off to do things IXI

    love youzzz always jae!

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