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jayguy (jayguy41) wrote,
@ 2004-03-07 21:26:00
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    Well, been away for a few days, and well, let me tell u, it's been life changing for me...that rumor, i figured out where it came from, and it was something from online that started as a joke, a lark, if u will, and got turned around, now I am in big trouble at work, and I may lose my career over it...I am a basket case right now, and I am taking time off to re-evaluate my life...I haven't had a beer in 3 days, which is alot for me...LOL...and I am seeing a shrink to help me cope with the stress this new thing is heeping on me...I am not crazy, and i am not criminal, but I feel like others are making me out to be one or another, or both...time for a life change...time for a life change...I used to be afraid to go there, but lately, I have found out that I have friends, and there are people that love me, and they are supportive....I have spent my whole life pretending to not need anyone, and now when I do, there they

    I have tried to be open minded about life...I have pursued many avenues in my life, and I don't need to be dependent on one...I can do other things...I need to be happy...and I need my family to be happy, too...I have re-discovered the importance of my loved ones...

    Things may get even worse than they are, regarding this...If anyone reads this, and is thinking about getting into education, let me give you advice, don't do it, unless u can handle the fact that you will not be supported by anyone...politicians use u as pawns and pass "reform" that is meaningless...your administrators are "paper pushers" who were in the classroom 30 years ago and only care about covering themselves for a few years before they get their big pension...the community thinks u are underworked and overpaid...parents will always back their kids efore they back u...Your colleagues will back bite u in a heartbeat...and while most kids are still good people inside, their lack of diligence and complete apathy is frustrating...and you will have NO personal life...everything u do in your entire life is subject to scrutiny...u have a "morals" clause in your contract, bunky...don't think that what u do in private can't affect your job...becuz if a kid finds out that personal stuff, it will be YOU that has the explaining to do, not them for violating your do u think teaching would be fun? LOL

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