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jayguy (jayguy41) wrote,
@ 2004-03-02 22:08:00
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    my FIRST entry!!!!
    Well, this is weird, one would usually associate this with young girls...LOL...but saw the site, and thought this would be a good way to blow off steam...LOL...and I have alot of steam to blow off...first of all...the SN...I know, it's know< i have this dichotomous personality...I am very intelligent, can be quite conservative at times, and there is another part of me that goes wild...I am accepting this as who I am, and not trying to hide it as much. I have a job in which appearances are important, so need discretion sometimes regarding the wild stuff...LOL...I have some real opinions about life, and especially sexuality...why do we call women that like physical intimacy sluts? I, asmost guys do, like it, and I like women that like sex...and ,most of them, do...but we don't realize that by employing the double standards , we create some messed up people, both male and female.
    Whatever. that is important to me, but it doesn't define me. I have done many good things in my life, and no, it doesn't really suck, but some days, it does make one frustrated. To those women out there, let me tell you that there are some guys who really get frustrated with women, as well. Here I am, with a steady job, in shape, have done something with my life, can hold a real conversation, and I am also a good lover. And, yes, I have a sense of humor. Women love all these things, right? LOL. But I go on the dating sites, and well, haven't had much success. Seems they want tall, dark, handsome guys making six figures, with no baggage...LOL...or bad boys...LOL...I hear women on this site complain they only attract older guys or losers...LOL..well, I seem to only attract needy and insecure women, and to be honest, though I love talking things out, if a woman is always needy, I really would not be good for her, because with everything else going on in my life, I would never meet her needs...LOL
    Honestly, I CRAVE real companionship...I have friends, but want someone to occasionally chill with, talk about life, carress...I crave touch as much as anything else, even emotional touch that comes through a real conversation. I have a large apartment, and really would like a female roommate to get friendly with and just be my friend. I know it sounds weird, but there is this feminine side to me, even tho I am plenty masculine...I am pisces the fish, swimming in two directions all the time...LOL
    Well, a start, anyway. More to come....

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