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jessica (javajess) wrote,
@ 2004-07-06 01:55:00
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    Current mood:Slaphappy
    Current music:unpacking

    would you like to PAY for that?
    So, today I moved into my apartment. The morning was hectic... running around the house trying to finish cleaning up my room and packing and the like. I had a nice cup of coffee with my dad on the back deck. Before I left we had lunch... grilled pork and corn and asparagus... we ate outside, too :) That was nice. To end things, I had an almost breakdown about school and my major and my life. I talked it out with my parents and decided to stick with the schedule I currently have for NOW... we'll see how classes go tomorrow and how the rest of the summer goes.

    Yeah, I moved in. Things are good with the roomie. We spent a lot of time talking about our trips... more hers than mine, but all good :) We then went on a late-night Meijer run and bought shitloads of stuff. We had fun with that, too. For some reason I decided we should get the groceries first... um, bad idea... we were there almost 2 hours! And then at the checkout roomie got a phone call and when the cart was all loaded up, she tried to walk out of the store without paying! hahahaha. We're totally delusional. We're actually preparing some dinner... pot pies and wine... that should be done around 3 am. Actually, I should go put those in the oven right now...

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