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STUMP DOG (jason420) wrote,
@ 2004-03-29 22:01:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music:By the way- Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    The weekend my friends
    Well yet another weekend in the books. This one started alil early though. Thursday night was fuckin awesome, krazy night indeed. I kall to c if i kan go out and it goes over with no hitches what so ever. Baseball kinda sucked, i was kinda excited bout the night so i didnt really concintrate. Then after baseball nick picked me up and we chilled it awhile with my broski. After the that our lil trio met up with Joe and Tang and went to Brit's. Whats the first thing that happens worth mentioning u ask???? Well ill tell u, everyone is chillin downstairs and some how the convo gets switch to me and Amy goin out and my bro made an ass of me. Wow was that cool, that kinda made me mad so i juss went into the kitchen with nick and chilled it up there for alil bit. Then a few beers later, i was kinda bored so i went and played games in the lil room down stairs and dru comes in and is like 'Jason dont leave unless i ask u to ok?' and of course i said sure. Then Jenny walks in and dru starts puttin the moves on her, and was like 'come on its juss jason, hes not even looking' wow, that was by far the hardest time ive ever had controlling my laughter, ever! I think after that Wagner showed up, maybe b4 that i dont really remember. But that was kinda crazy, kause i kinda wanted to hit em in the head for some reason. He kept on given steve-o shots tho, so that was tight. Then Nick and Brit got in an agruement and i got his keys so he kouldnt leave. He chilled for a while then Murray, kaptain douche bag, showed up and I dont know why but i stopped nick from gettin in a fight with him, but i did. And out of all that all that happened was that nick accidently punched me and he was kinda pissed, rightfully so tho. Yeah, so that was shitty but other than that it was a pretty tight night. Friday i had a dinner for Paris- 8 fuckin dayz hell yea- and saturday i got in a fight with Justin, what alil bitch. After that i took my bro to hockey and slept, that was nice. Sunday i had this lil gurl over, shes kinda like my kid sister, kinda along story. Any who, she kame over with her fam and her brother. O yea, my bro had Megan over and i found out my brother is a rapest and that some gurlz are really emotional ppl when they r drunk. B4 all this i chilled with nick and Franklin lil tho, that was fun. We juss rolled around for awhile. I watched scar face for the first tyme and that was sweet. After i dropped Megan off i went to bed. Then it was to skool i went, to get the hardest 2.6 ive ever worked for. Hope the parents like it = ) Well im out, hope u like the journal entry fools.

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