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Kristin (janiexjones) wrote,
@ 2004-08-15 02:26:00
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    East Coast Love
    One day turned into two, and two became five. Spontaneity at its best? I'd say so. Nights filled with song dedications and Clash covers. And getting me into bars. Days filled with laying in bed, watching cartoons, and him playing with my little sister. Traveling to the Bay, just to see him play. Me loving his tight black pants, and his Philly Shreds tattoo. Him loving my piercings, and the way I look in skirts. Sneaking off to the tour van cause there's nowhere else to go. Getting lost on our way to the next venue. Spending every car ride hand-in-hand. Watching the sun come up, sleeping peacefully by his side, and waking up to his kiss. In other words, an East Coast boy has made his way into a West Coast girl's heart.

    My camera deleted most of my pictures. These are just the salvaged few from the remnants of an after-party.

    title or description
    Greg and Jimmy

    title or description
    He Wrote That I'm Awesome

    title or description
    Chuckaroo, Jeffy, and Myself

    title or description
    A very intoxicated Greg and Kristin

    title or description
    Whiskey Rebel Pileup!

    title or description
    And Greg <3

    Yeah, that's it. I hate my camera, and I miss him.

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