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Jamie (jamie14) wrote,
@ 2005-06-13 22:16:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:if you leave- nada surf

    Secrets Again
    I posted this back in April 2004. I feel it's relevant again. I'm editing it a bit, and adding/changing things, but it's a lot the same.

    I'm sorry if it offends anybody. It's just how I feel right now.

    "I wanted to write about secrets. But, I don't really feel like it right now. I don't believe in secrets. I don't think there is ANY reason to keep a secret. If it's something small and stupid like gossip you 1) shouldn't be saying it in the first place 2) have no reason to talk behind someone's back and 3) have no reason not to tell anyone. Or, if it's something huge involving drugs, sex, etc. obviously people should know. Hello! If it's something big enough to be secretive about it's big enough to tell people who can do something about it. There is no points to secrets. If you tell one person, they will always tell one other person. I mean, think about any secret you've ever had. At one point someone else found out. And, if they didn't yet, it's likely they will soon. It's all a matter of time. No use in prolonging the inevitable with that sort of thing. There is a use in prolonging the inevitable on other things, but not secrets. I suppose there could be a time and place to reveal them, but they shouldn't be kept. It really pisses me off when someone is sitting there, whispering to another person such and such secrets and if you ask them "what" they tell you it's a secret and can't tell you. Well, it's obviously not so secret you couldn't keep it from the person you are talking to! Gah. That's something that annoys me.

    I don't have any secrets. At all. If you piled together all my friends, they could tell you EVERYTHING about me. Every last stinking detail someone out there knows about me. All my friends might not know everything just because it hasn't come up, or they forgot, or something like that. But I never deliberitly keep secrets about myself from people. I don't see the point in it. Why wouldn't you want someone to know things about you? Why wouldn't you want to have someone to relate to? Someone to talk to? Someone who understands because you told them what you feel and think. No one can understand you if you don't give them anything to understand."

    And, I guess when I wrote that people figured it meant I'm not trustworthy. But, if you told me something and said "don't tell so-and-so" it's not like I'm going to call up so-and-so and tell them. Just because I don't think you should be keeping the secret doesn't mean I'm going to take away your right to have it. You know?

    It's just, secrets hurt most of the time. And they need to be said out loud. They need to be said. They can be fixed. They need to be fixed.

    I hope this stuff make sense. Comment. I'll clarify.

    And, for the record, this sincerely wasn't directed at anyone or anything.


    And, a completely hilarious convo with Rick about SWIII and tech teachers:

    Live4hockey2312: did i tell u that wen i went with matthew brown to see it that zuba and baehr were there too
    JamRz489: lol, ew!!!!!
    JamRz489: what'd you say to them?
    JamRz489: haha
    JamRz489: i wish i could have seen that
    JamRz489: were they sitting alone?
    Live4hockey2312: well the whole theatre was crowded and they come walkin up and brown just yells zuba
    Live4hockey2312: they say directly behind us
    JamRz489: hahaha
    JamRz489: i would have died laughing the whole time
    Live4hockey2312: zubas wife was there
    JamRz489: oh wow
    JamRz489: baehr's wife wasn't?
    Live4hockey2312: and some other teachers
    JamRz489: ohmygosh
    Live4hockey2312: no
    JamRz489: that is amazing
    JamRz489: i wish you took a picture or something
    Live4hockey2312: lol
    JamRz489: a group of teachers going to see SWIII
    Live4hockey2312: hhaa
    JamRz489: *dies*
    JamRz489: i bet they shared popcorn
    Live4hockey2312: lol
    JamRz489: lol

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